Meet our 35 new partners

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Meet our 35 new partners across Australia and New Zealand. They are all committed to building a better working world with you - one with increased confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms, and greater collaboration.

Rebecca Burrows Rohit Khanna
Rachel Charles Michel Klijn
Salvatore Coiro Graham Leonard
Greg Dobson Jason Lowe
Anthony Ewan Glenn Maris
Roberto Fitzgerald Gary McInnes
Amy Grace Kate Meares
Dirk-Jan Gussinklo Chris Parkes
Hanny Hassan Walter Poetscher
Selwyn Hayes Daryn Saretzki
Kate Hillman Kate Stimpson
Michael Hoang David Stoddard
Bradley Hooper Thomas Tulley
Graeme Horne Ken Wallace
Loretta Hudson Matt Weerden
Sandra James Craig Whiteman
Damien Jones Tony Wiedermann
Tim Kelly