Diversity and Inclusiveness (D&I)

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EY - Employer of Choice for Gender EqualityEY recognised as Employer of Choice for Gender Equality

EY Australia has been recognised by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) as an employer that recognises and advances gender equality in the workplace.

“Holders of the 2014 WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation should be celebrated and championed as leading practice role models and innovative thinkers on issues of workplace gender equality,” WGEA Director Helen Conway said. Information on EYs citation can be found on the WGEA website or Our Awards page.


Diversity and Inclusiveness: message from Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson, Oceania CEO and Regional Managing Partner, talks about the importance of having a diverse and inclusive culture in the workplace.

Our Ambition:

At EY our ambition is to provide our clients with exceptional service through adding value to the diverse public and private organisation we work with. To achieve this goal, we need to be able to bring different people together to provide a breadth of experience and diversity of thought.

It is essential that we source the right people from the widest talent pool available who can provide outstanding client service while achieving their full potential.

We see Diversity & Inclusiveness not only as a crucial business imperative but also as a social responsibility.

Our Focus:

The key focus areas for our Diversity and Inclusiveness strategy are:

Our LGBTI support:

Creating a work environment where LGBTI professionals can be their authentic selves at work is a core element of our diversity and inclusiveness commitment. It’s where everyone’s opinion is listened to and valued.

Unity Network

Our EY national network group, called Unity, is for LGBTI people and their straight allies. This group aims to create a sustainable, inclusive culture where LGBTI individuals at EY can bring their whole selves to work. Support is provided by

  • Mentorship, with internal and external mentoring opportunities
  • Social activities
  • Participation in the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade with Pride in Diversity
  • Sponsorship of the Bingham Rugby World Cup
  • Connection to Global EY LGBTI networks and communities

Marriage Equality Pledge

On 26 May 2015, Oceania CEO and Regional Managing Partner Tony Johnson signed the Marriage Equality Pledge on behalf of EY Australia. This pledge is run by the Australian Marriage Equality organisation – a national body working for equal marriage through lobbying, advocacy and education.

Tony says, “In signing this pledge, EY Australia proudly recognises the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people to experience the same freedoms as others, including with whom they choose to make a commitment of love and marriage.”

Our Commitment:

Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusiveness goes beyond rhetoric – we have clear plans in place to bring to life our ambition:

  • To achieve greater representation of women in senior leadership positions, by setting gender targets to focus our efforts in the way we recruit, develop, retain and promote women.
  • To leverage the unique talents of our culturally diverse workforce through inclusive leadership.
  • To provide our employees with the flexibility that they need at each stage of their lives.
  • To help close the gaps between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians, through the actions we have committed to in our Reconciliation Action Plan.
  • To support our LGBT employees by working to increase understanding and provide the support needed by our employees.

We know that this is what our people need to flourish, what our clients expect, and what our community deserves.