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Our alumni referral program - EY - Australia

Our alumni referral program

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As an alumnus, we believe you’re an excellent judge of people who will enjoy and be successful with EY. So we value your recommendations.

The reward is $6,000 for a successful referral at manager level or above and to $4,000 for roles below manager and above graduate level.

Do you know someone with potential? Here’s what you do next.

  • View our list of current vacancies
  • If you identify a job specific vacancy that may suit someone you know, scroll down to the ‘Send this job description to a friend’ link and follow the prompts
  • If there are no relevant job specific vacancies advertised, you can refer someone to our careers site so they can monitor upcoming opportunities and register their details
  • You will also need to register your referral by completing the Alumni Experienced Hire referral form
  • To complete the process the person you have referred will need to apply for a position or register their interest in opportunities via our careers site

We are also now offering $250 for successful referrals at graduate or undergraduate level. To refer a graduate, cadet or vacationer, please complete our referral form then direct your contact to the ‘student’ section of our careers site to apply online.

Please read our guidelines before referring your contact and be sure to let them know they must include you as the referrer when applying for a role.

What about international referrals?

To submit an international referral, go to and select the relevant country site. Awards for cross-border referrals are determined and paid by the hiring country, not EY Australia.

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Terms and conditions

  • All referrers must be registered with our alumni program and submit all referrals via our website.
  • To qualify, a referral must represent the first current introduction of the potential candidate to the Firm.
  • Successful candidates must complete their probationary period.
  • Referrals of candidates employed with clients are not encouraged and may not qualify for cash rewards.
  • Independence requirements also restrict our ability to reward alumni who are in an officer, director or an audit sensitive (senior finance) position at an EY audit client, including Government bodies or where the Firm acts as the agent for an Auditor-General.
  • Submissions of individuals who have been contractors to the Firm in the six months prior to the referral do not qualify.
  • Referrals of individuals to work for the Firm on a temporary basis (including contractors) do not qualify under this program.
  • Referrals cannot result from an unsolicited curriculum vitae having been sent to the referring individual, who then refers it to the Firm.
  • All candidates who have been referred will need to submit an online application via our careers site as we do not accept hard copy applications.
  • As graduates and cadets are recruited up to 12 months in advance of their start date, successful referrers will be rewarded within eight weeks of us receiving the candidate’s offer acceptance contract. Referrers of vacationers will be rewarded within eight weeks of the candidate accepting a graduate contract.
  • The graduate referral form needs to be completed within 14 days of the candidate submitting their application.
  • International referrals will be paid on the same basis as the hiring country’s cash reward guidelines.
  • Referrals will not qualify for a reward if any type of the recruitment agency or other fee is also incurred in connection with the hiring of the referred candidate.
  • The referrer should refer any questions the candidate has about the position to our Recruitment team to maintain the integrity of the process and eligibility for the reward.
  • To maintain confidentiality, you will not receive any updates with regard to the recruitment process of your referral. Email our Recruitment Team to find out more.

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