Financial Services

Survive. Sustain. Grow.

That progression describes the global wealth and asset management industry from the bottom of the global financial crisis through today. The industry has emerged from the financial crisis to face a changing and complex regulatory and tax environment and a rapidly changing client base that’s older and more risk-averse, yet more sophisticated and demanding.

Firms are now keenly focused on managing regulatory change, risk and volatility and rapidly positioning themselves to compete for market share. Many firms have been forced to consider redesigning their business operating models as part of a renewed strategic focus on aggressive cost control and operational efficiency.

More importantly: growth has returned to the industry. Lines are blurring, both in the regulated and alternative spaces, as managers look to diversify revenue streams and find new opportunities. Firms must fully understand how the distribution game has changed, both globally and locally, and how to most effectively increase revenue and improve margins.

We can help you succeed in today’s market in these key areas:

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Front-office transformation through technology

EY - Front-office transformation through technology

Winning the global regulation game

EY - Winning the global regulation game

As regulatory policy continues to globalize, the asset management industry must move beyond managing compliance on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction, regulation-by-regulation basis.

Rethinking private banking in Asia-Pacific

EY - Rethinking private banking in Asia-Pacific

Financial services briefing 2014

EY - Financial services briefing 2014

EY - Funds Passporting Schemes in Asia

Funds passporting schemes in Asia

Are you an asset and wealth manager looking to stay ahead of changes to the three cross-border fund passport initiatives? Let us show you how.