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Bank Governance Leadership Network - ViewPoints

Understanding and assessing governance effectiveness
This ViewPoints focuses specifically on supervisors’ attempts to understand and assess governance.

Defining supervisory intensity in practice
This ViewPoints focuses on defining what increasing supervisory intensity will mean in practice for global banks.

Implications of Eurozone crisis
What issues are complex global banks considering in their response to the Eurozone crisis? This ViewPoints whitepaper summarizes the discussions from non-executive bank directors.

Top and emerging risks for global banking
Read how banks are responding to risks in funding and liquidity, regulatory changes, cybersecurity, other geopolitical risks and the general economic picture.

Improving risk identification
This ViewPoints whitepaper summarizes three ways banks can identify emerging risks gathered from discussions with directors, CROs, regulators and banking professionals.

Insurance Governance Leadership Network

Briefing Note - Insurance industry facing real challenges - a view from the boardroom
Tapestry Networks and EY interviewed more than 30 non-executive directors and executives from 14 of the 25 largest global insurance companies, as well as industry experts and a number of officials from lead regulators and supervisors. This Briefing Note provides a director – and in places, a regulatory or supervisory – view on the key issues facing the industry.

ViewPoints - Global insurance leaders find common ground amid economic and regulatory uncertainty
On 8 May, EY and Tapestry Networks welcomed nine participants to the inaugural IGLN meeting in New York. Participants discussed a range of issues that included accelerating regulatory change, systemic importance, business model relevance, and cross-border supervision. This issue of ViewPoints synthesizes the perspectives and ideas that arose in this meeting as well as preparatory discussions with 34 directors, executives, supervisors, and regulators.

Financial Services Briefing — bringing together insights from our global financial services network

Welcome to the second edition of Financial Services Briefing for 2012. This site contains our perspectives on issues that are top of mind for financial services organisations, under several key themes that we see defining the industry: operational effectiveness, growth, capital, risk and regulation.

A few key issues included in this edition are:

  • Customer centricity - following the release of our Global Consumer Insurance Survey (included in Issue 1, 2012) is our Global Consumer Banking Survey. This survey, our largest to date, surveyed 28,560 customers across 35 countries (including 1,000 customers in Australia), and may serve as a useful tool when planning customer-focused strategies, business models and operations.
  • Risk governanceToward effective governance of financial institutions is based on an examination of governance at 36 of the world’s largest financial services firms, undertaken by Tapestry Networks in collaboration with EY for the G30. This report calls for urgent action to improve bank risk governance. It also provides practical recommendations for each group involved in the governance process: the board of directors, management, supervisors and shareholders.
    We have also included in this edition of Financial Services Briefing the latest insights from the Bank Governance Leadership Network and the recently formed Insurance Governance Leadership Network forums. Also of note is Progress in financial services risk management, our third annual study on risk management conducted with the Institute of International Finance including responses from 69 banks and six insurance companies.
  • Achieving productivity improvement in a low growth environment - in the second edition of the EY Australian Productivity Pulse™ we ask “What makes Australians productive? Is there a silver bullet for improving organisational productivity?” In other words, we examine why wastage occurs and what could be done about it. The Pulse measures Australian workers’ sentiments around their own and their organisation’s productivity and the value of the work they do. It reveals that the answer to improving organisational productivity lies in the hands of employers.

I trust you will find this edition relevant and insightful. If you would like to discuss any of the topics contained in this edition in further detail or would like to provide your feedback, please contact me or your local EY representative.

Keith Pogson
Andrew Price
Managing Partner
Financial Services - Oceania
Phone: +61 2 9248 5946

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