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Operational effectiveness

Bank Governance Leadership Network - ViewPoints

Understanding and assessing governance effectiveness
This ViewPoints focuses specifically on supervisors’ attempts to understand and assess governance.

Defining supervisory intensity in practice
This ViewPoints focuses on defining what increasing supervisory intensity will mean in practice for global banks.

Implications of Eurozone crisis
What issues are complex global banks considering in their response to the Eurozone crisis? This ViewPoints whitepaper summarizes the discussions from non-executive bank directors.

Top and emerging risks for global banking
Read how banks are responding to risks in funding and liquidity, regulatory changes, cybersecurity, other geopolitical risks and the general economic picture.

Improving risk identification
This ViewPoints whitepaper summarizes three ways banks can identify emerging risks gathered from discussions with directors, CROs, regulators and banking professionals.

Insurance Governance Leadership Network

Briefing Note - Insurance industry facing real challenges - a view from the boardroom
Tapestry Networks and EY interviewed more than 30 non-executive directors and executives from 14 of the 25 largest global insurance companies, as well as industry experts and a number of officials from lead regulators and supervisors. This Briefing Note provides a director – and in places, a regulatory or supervisory – view on the key issues facing the industry.

ViewPoints - Global insurance leaders find common ground amid economic and regulatory uncertainty
On 8 May, EY and Tapestry Networks welcomed nine participants to the inaugural IGLN meeting in New York. Participants discussed a range of issues that included accelerating regulatory change, systemic importance, business model relevance, and cross-border supervision. This issue of ViewPoints synthesizes the perspectives and ideas that arose in this meeting as well as preparatory discussions with 34 directors, executives, supervisors, and regulators.

Toward effective governance of financial institutions

In this report, the Group of 30 calls for urgent action to improve bank risk governance and provides 45 practical recommendations. See also our Bank Governance Leadership Network and Insurance Governance Leadership Network series.
Private equity: evolution of the operating model

Today’s economic pressures are causing many private equity firms to transform their operating infrastructure to remain competitive. Not only will this assist in preparing for heightened regulatory and investor scrutiny, it will also improve their chances of attracting increasingly scarce institutional investor capital.
The DNA of the CFO - Shifting up a gear: from core finance to corporate strategy

How are finance executives creating value in their organizations, how are they measuring personal performance, and what stops them being effective? See also our Growth section for Making headway in a volatile world: the challenges of achieving sustainable growth, part of our Compass CFO Master Series.
Reflecting on the future: a study of global corporate treasuries

Corporate treasurers need to make faster and more fundamental changes to their operating models to achieve business unit and firm-wide goals.
Challenging the field: the five critical priorities for IT in major transactions

Over the past decade, IT’s role in major transactions such as mergers, acquisitions and divestitures has become increasingly important to benefits delivery and managing risks associated with these complex transactions.
Insurance Agenda - Outsourcing: how to make it a success

In this edition of our Insurance Agenda series we highlight several critical areas that management should address in order to successfully implement an outsourcing strategy.
The EY Australian Productivity Pulse™ – Wave Two, May 2012

Our second six-monthly survey reveals that much of the answer to improving organizational productivity in Australia lies in the hands of employers. See also our videos featuring our client perspectives on productivity including:

  • Westpac’s Ross Miller, General Manager, Human Resources, Australian Financial Services
  • Telstra’s Robert Nason, Group Managing Director, Corporate Strategy and Customer Experience.

Member benefits

This edition includes the following benefits for our alumni members:

In this edition

    Bank Governance Leadership Network

    The Bank Governance Leadership Network (BGLN) addresses key issues facing complex global banks. Its primary focus is the non-executive director, but it also engages members of senior management, regulators, and other key stakeholders.

    ViewPoints aims to capture the essence of the BGLN discussion and associated research. Please click here to access recent ViewPoints in this series.

    Insurance Governance Leadership Network

    The Insurance Governance Leadership Network (IGLN) is a group of non-executive directors from Asian, European, and North American global insurers who convene to share perspectives on proposals for strengthening governance and leadership. Their peer-to-peer discussions are informed by conversations with insurers, their directors and executives, regulators, supervisors, and other key stakeholders.

    Please click here to access a recent ViewPoint and Briefing Note in this new series.

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