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Bank Governance Leadership Network - ViewPoints

Understanding and assessing governance effectiveness
This ViewPoints focuses specifically on supervisors’ attempts to understand and assess governance.

Defining supervisory intensity in practice
This ViewPoints focuses on defining what increasing supervisory intensity will mean in practice for global banks.

Implications of Eurozone crisis
What issues are complex global banks considering in their response to the Eurozone crisis? This ViewPoints whitepaper summarizes the discussions from non-executive bank directors.

Top and emerging risks for global banking
Read how banks are responding to risks in funding and liquidity, regulatory changes, cybersecurity, other geopolitical risks and the general economic picture.

Improving risk identification
This ViewPoints whitepaper summarizes three ways banks can identify emerging risks gathered from discussions with directors, CROs, regulators and banking professionals.

Progress in financial services risk management: a survey of major financial institutions

Learn how risk management and risk governance practices have evolved to meet global financial reform requirements, yet lack adequate integration and transparency. See also our webcast Bank risk governance: progress and challenges.
Market Risk Management: putting the key components together

This publication focuses on the market risk management for banks planning to set up a dedicated market risk management function or invest in the required tools.

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Risk management for asset management - EY Survey 2012 (EMEIA)

Comparing the views of more than 42 Heads of Risk and CROs in the UK and continental Europe, this survey provides indications about the future development of the continued evolution and strategic importance of the risk function for asset management firms.
A growing sphere of influence: survey of US asset management risk managers

The influence of risk managers appears to be increasing, but they face tremendous challenges, according to EY and Greenwich Associates’ survey of more than 40 risk managers at leading asset management firms.
The future of internal audit is now: increasing relevance by turning risk into results

We explore actions internal audit can take to realise strategic alignment, increase business relevance and achieve a risk maturity that accelerates financial performance.
Growing Beyond - A place for integrity: 12th Global Fraud Survey

Our 12th Global Fraud Survey suggests that although many companies have intensified their efforts to combat bribery and corruption, much still remains to be done.

Insights on IT risk series

Ready for takeoff: preparing for your journey into the cloud

Here we discuss the most important risk areas to address while moving into the cloud. Read more

Protecting and strengthening your brand: social media governance and strategy

As social media reinvents business relationships, we look at the rise of consumer media, understanding its risks, holistic social media governance, and brand protection. Read more

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    Bank Governance Leadership Network

    The Bank Governance Leadership Network (BGLN) addresses key issues facing complex global banks. Its primary focus is the non-executive director, but it also engages members of senior management, regulators, and other key stakeholders.

    ViewPoints aims to capture the essence of the BGLN discussion and associated research. Please click here to access recent ViewPoints in this series.

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