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Central Agencies

Central agencies have the important role of coordinating and formulating public sector strategy and policy across multiple Government fronts. Their ‘front and centre’ role in driving whole of Government reforms and Public Sector performance is critical to underpin Government’s economic and policy responses to key issues.

EY has an established track record of working with Central Agencies across Oceania and internationally. Our global connections and engagements with Governments across many different countries enable us to bring unique insights of the trends and reforms that are occurring around the world to our Central Agency clients.

EY works within the Central Agency sector to assist our clients to think about and respond to some of the core questions and challenges facing them including:

  • The economic growth outlook and the changing impact of this on Government revenues
  • A need to reduce costs whilst funding new policies & reform agendas
  • Redefining the core role of Governments and the public sector
  • Creating new models of citizen engagement
  • Reshaping the public service workforce
  • Allocating resources in the best way across agencies and programs
  • Grants Management
  • Reducing red tape, and
  • Providing the right capacity and capability in tight timeframes to drive the need and appetite for change and to meet the future delivery requirements.

In the current economic climate, Governments needs to enhance productivity and find new and better ways to deliver services without increasing risks. EY assists our clients to do this and we have worked with our clients to:

  • Overhaul procurement systems in their entirety, along with grants administration
  • Understand and help agencies deal with the issue of contestability for services, including the commissioning of those services
  • Re-thinking how agencies approach workforce management and planning, including future views of capability and planning for capability development
  • Revisiting asset and financial management strategies and processes to better leverage scarce funds and maximise results
  • Developing future investment strategies (IT, Property, etc.)
  • Overhauling approaches to governance and accountability, embracing transparency and a real underpinning of the information needed to make informed decisions, and
  • Dealing effectively with complex and large scale program management driven across multiple governments and multiple agencies.

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