BoardMatters – insights for non-executive directors

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In order to provide effective guidance and counsel to the executive and achieve successful outcomes, it is essential for non-executive directors to have a comprehensive understanding on a range of business issues.

Our goal is to help you explore current business and market issues through the lens of the unique challenges faced by non-executive directors.

Here we share feature articles to help directors evaluate complex problems, develop fresh approaches and implement practical solutions.

EY - Digital Australia: State of the Nation 2014  

The digital revolution: disrupt or be disrupted
The digital revolution is rapidly and permanently changing the way we do business. From informing strategic direction to influencing every element of business operations, balancing the risks and rewards of digital technology is an imperative no board member can ignore.

Read the latest EY Australia research Digital Australia: State of the Nation 2014, or hear insights from EY's digital experts and author Steve Sammartino.

EY - Global focus on base erosion and profit shifting  

Global focus on base erosion and profit shifting
The tax landscape is clearly changing. As governments search for additional revenue streams, the focus on transparency is increasing and tax policies are being modified. Boards need to have a point of view and become more informed about tax policy developments and fiscal trends in the markets they currently serve and those they may be considering.

Watch our vodcast for board members; read the full interview with Pascal Saint-Amans, Director of the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration; or download a summary of the OECD’s BEPS Action Plan.

EY - Board leadership structures: the evolution continues   Board leadership structures: the evolution continues
The composition, independence and diversity of any board are key considerations in its optimum performance. Read our insights into the latest trends including a paper on accelerating performance in corporate boardrooms and the need to recognise diversity; board diversity in the property sector; and the latest edition of Let’s talk: governance on trends in independent board leadership structures.