BoardMatters – insights for non-executive directors

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In order to provide effective guidance and counsel to the executive and achieve successful outcomes, it is essential for non-executive directors to have a comprehensive understanding on a range of business issues.

Our goal is to help you explore current business and market issues through the lens of the unique challenges faced by non-executive directors.

Here we profile some of our recent global and local thought leadership to help directors evaluate complex problems, develop fresh approaches and implement practical solutions.

Thought Leadership
EY - 2014 Executive and Board Remuneration Report   2014 Executive and Board Remuneration Report
EY’s 11th edition, 2014 Executive and Board Remuneration Report, presents commentary on market, legislative, regulatory, governance, tax and shareholder issues affecting executive and board remuneration. New approaches to continuing challenges - are you keeping pace? discusses strategies to make executive remuneration more effective.
EY High stakes: health and safety reporting   High stakes: health and safety reporting
Managing workplace health and safety (WH&S) is far from a ‘tick the box’ exercise and directors are now asked to play a more proactive role in ensuring their company complies with its obligations. The stakes have never been higher for the board and having the most reliable, insightful and relevant data will be key in tackling the challenging task of mitigating WH&S incidents.