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In order to provide effective guidance and counsel to the executive and achieve successful outcomes, it is essential for non-executive directors to have a comprehensive understanding on a range of business issues.

Our goal is to help you explore current business and market issues through the lens of the unique challenges faced by non-executive directors.

Here we share feature articles to help directors evaluate complex problems, develop fresh approaches and implement practical solutions.

EY - Executive and board remuneration  

Executive and board remuneration
Executives and non-executive directors have identified key challenges for their businesses as including driving company performance; optimising operational efficiency, and embedding risk management in company culture. The EY Pay Perspective: 2015 Executive and Board Remuneration Report discusses how we see each of these challenges impacting executive remuneration practices and shares EY’s perspective on the issues, trends and opportunities for companies in 2015. Our recent webcast gave executives an opportunity to probe these issues in more detail, and our interview with non-executive director Christine Cross provides the board’s perspective on how companies can align their business and remuneration strategies.

EY - The year ahead for boards and audit  committees  

The year ahead for boards and audit committees
As 2015 takes hold, we share insights from the EY Center for Board Matters on top priorities for corporate boards including board composition and turnover, pressure from shareholders, regulatory cooperation and improving disclosures. We examine the role of disclosure committees through our joint report with the Financial Executives Research Foundation; 2014 year-end issues for audit committees and the importance of anticipating change in the third edition of VantagePoints.

We also share an Australian-first risk management initiative between EY and Bravehearts that is set to shift the way organisations protect children from sexual assault. Businesses can interact with children in many ways; employing them, serving them, or as they accompany their parents and families. Recent experience shows most organisations either totally lack or have inadequate policy or governance frameworks required to help meet their duty of care obligations or to reduce the potential for significant reputational, financial, legal and regulatory consequences.

The ‘ChildPlace Health & Safety’ initiative helps you to understand, identify, reduce and manage the risk of child sexual assault in the workplace and to respond appropriately to incidents, expanding your safety culture to include this important and high impact risk.

EY - What's new on the wall?  

What's new on the wall?
For the latest local, global and industry updates, visit our directors content wall.
Features on the wall include a report on megatrends that will shape our future; a global survey of 500 CFOs on connected reporting; our 2015 Corporate Development Study; the latest tax insights for business leaders and our Global tax policy outlook for 2015. Our 2015 global insurance outlook focuses on how technology is meeting  challenges in the insurance sector. We also hear from Australia’s next generation of female leaders on gender equality, and summarise the board’s responsibility in meeting the new ASX sustainability risk disclosure rules.

Our industry insights include digital media opportunities in emerging markets; the Global Banking Outlook 2015; M&A integration in financial services; Global Hospitality Insights; re-engineering your supply chain for the omni-channel of tomorrow and M&A and capital raising in the mining and metals sector.