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The DNA of the CFO - Shifting up a gear: From core finance to corporate strategy - EY - Australia

The DNA of the CFO

Shifting up a gear:
From core finance to corporate strategy

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Non-financial metrics are becoming increasingly important to CFOs - Strongly agree or agree

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The DNA of the CFO wheel

“Developing and defining the overall corporate strategy, in conjunction with the CEO, and ensuring that business decisions are grounded in sound financial criteria, is now a key part of my role.”Andrew Seaton, CFO, Santos Limited

While commentators have long been touting the increasingly strategic role of the CFO, the global economic downturn has ramped up expectations of CFOs and the finance functions over which they preside.

CFOs in the spotlight

As organisations continue to adjust to ongoing volatility, CFOs not only own the cost reduction agenda, but are increasingly being drawn into providing expert advice to support boardroom decisions. Finance is being tasked with providing forecasts, managing risks and providing insights into issues ranging from pricing to production. Indeed, 76% of the region’s CFOs say non-financial metrics are becoming increasingly important.

Asked about the extent to which CFOs are playing a leading role in corporate strategy, responses were varied, depending on industry, organisational size and maturity. However, a clear picture emerged that, in addition to their traditional role as head of finance, CFOs are increasingly taking the lead in corporate strategy development and business stewardship.

The DNA of the CFO wheel

The CFO’s contribution is broad from developing to enabling to executing strategy.

These six segments represent the full breadth of the CFO’s remit.

“I’m a board member, but even if I wasn’t, I would be called on to contribute to broader strategic discussions, because this is the expectation of our CEO.”
Noel Meehan, Executive Director Finance, Orica Limited

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