Advanced Security Centre

Proud Sponsors of RUXCON Security Conference 2010–2014

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At EY we’ve created a virtual network of Advanced Security Centres (ASCs) in strategic global markets to provide an environment for our dedicated security testing professionals to conduct infrastructure and application assessments. The ASCs provide consistent, repeatable and auditable project execution, a secure and controlled setting for the physical and logical security control of client sensitive data, collaborative environments for both rapid problem-solving and knowledge transfer and a cost-effective model for managing large scale dynamic testing requirements.

Our dedicated professionals can integrate with your security teams to conduct infrastructure and application assessments to help protect your business assets. Our professionals combine business process and industry sector operational experience with technical experience; providing a risk-focused approach for our clients.

How we can make a difference to you:

  • CREST-approved security testers and methodologies
    The Melbourne and Sydney ASCs are approved by the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) Australia, so you can be confident that our security professionals have the right skills as well as the methodologies to deliver high-quality infrastructure and application security testing.
  • Mature global methodologies
    We have mature information security penetration testing methodologies that have been successfully applied throughout the world.
  • Vendor independence
    We are independent as our services are not affiliated with application software or infrastructure vendors.
  • Security analytics and visualisation
    We’ve invested heavily in an internally-developed tool used to report on the telemetry generated by every penetration test performed by the Melbourne and Sydney ASCs since 2009. This allows us to provide world class summary reporting to our clients, helping them to identify their current threat landscape as well as identifying key strategic remediation activities to eliminate large problem areas of business and technical risk.