• Governing the cloud

    You can drive innovation and empower your workforce through responsible adoption of cloud computing. Is your governance model encouraging a “cloud-first” culture?

  • What’s the future of Risk, Control and Compliance?

    Centralised operating models represent an opportunity to manage risk more effectively and drive down cost. Have you kept pace with the rest of your business?

  • Creating an agile control environment

    The impact of tighter internal controls is often overlooked. Learn how COOs can balance risk and operational efficiency to promote growth and drive shareholder value.

  • CIO's: born to be digital

    We explore how leading Chief Information Officers are preparing for a digital transformation.

  • The cyber-crime threat

    Cyber-crime is a serious threat to the survival of Australian organisations. Learn how to protect your business in EY’s Global Information Security Survey.

  • The real cost of complaining

    Poor customer experiences are costing Australian business $40 billion of potential spending every year, according to EY's Cost of complaining survey. Find out how to improve your retention strategy.

  • A new way of working at Western Power

    Learn how our Power and Utilities Maturity Model and Architecture (PUMMA) program helped transform one of Western Australia's electricity giants.

  • Are predictive analytics the CIOs key to the boardroom?

    Using predictive analytics, CIOs can harness the power of data to provide businesses with a fact-based vision of where to aim and how to get there. But it's a balancing act.

  • Using social media to engage your workforce

    How can companies use social media to improve business, create an environment of collaboration and highlight vital messages? Find out in the latest Performance journal.

Advisory Services

Productivity: it's on our agenda.
Is it on yours?

As the world evolves, so do your business issues. The catalysts vary: from geopolitical events to regulatory reform, from new technologies to emerging markets.

And their impact can be swift and far-reaching. Our approach — grounded in industry-specific experience and committed to delivering measurable, sustainable results — can help you adapt and succeed. Even in an uncertain environment.

We can help you with:

  • Efficient global operating models and processes

    We can assist in mapping, analysing and redesigning your organisational structure, design or operating model to ensure your business reaches optimal productivity levels. We are experienced in streamlining processes, removing delays and bottlenecks and identifying wasteful, non-value adding activities.

    We take a structured, holistic approach that focuses simultaneously on reducing costs and improving performance of your value chain, driving long-term and significant savings and ongoing, sustainable success.

    We can evaluate your entire cost base and examine working capital and revenue optimisation practices. Our teams can also assess your core processes, current risks and controls, as well as risk management policies.

  • Effective deployment of technology and capital equipment

    The connection between technology and productivity is obvious – it is an enabler that must be fully embraced to get an edge on your competition.

    Technology has a significant influence on a business and it has evolved so quickly that many IT functions are still struggling with how to marry their technical expertise with a new business perspective.

    That is why we help you align your IT operations to your overall business strategy - improving efficiency and assisting you measure and demonstrate ongoing value. Our professionals provide insights into organisational culture and help align technology with people and processes. They advise on designing and improving your IT function and operations to achieve strategic objectives, working with top management on this high-priority issue.

  • Developing and utilising human capital

    Attracting, utilising and retaining the right people is a key driver for long term growth and a major contributor in achieving productivity.

    Forward-thinking organisations use innovative human resources management approaches to gain a competitive advantage against their competition, and create a strong platform for growth.

    Our people and organisation professionals are skilled at measuring and monitoring staff performance, managing talent, planning succession, structuring organisations and defining roles and responsibilities. They draw on their knowledge of market leading practice to help with human resource management. Our teams focus on helping you to mobilise your employees to achieve your organisation’s potential and create a strong employer brand.

  • Embedding a bold and audacious innovation agenda

    Innovation is a key driver of productivity growth and competitiveness of companies around the globe.

    To be innovative you have to take risks. Today’s leading organisations need to cultivate a culture of ‘intrepreneurship’ by empowering employees to be innovative and to take risks to create value, generate ideas and drive the company forward.

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Global Information Security Survey 2013

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