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EY AASB 10 for not-for-profit entities What are the key principles of AASB 10 for not-for-profit entities? EY provides assessment and implementation guidance in our latest accounting update. 201402055 February 2014
Global Corporate Divestment Study Divestments are now a fundamental strategy for many businesses. Learn more about making strategic divestments in our 2014 report, which includes industry breakdowns. 201402022 February 2014
Superannuation investment in infrastructure – Steps to further efficiency According to the new FSC-EY report, super funds are willing to invest more in infrastructure projects where they deliver an appropriate risk weighted return for fund members. 2014012929 January 2014
Endeavour (International) Limited EY's annual illustrative financial report for Australian companies, applicable for 31 December 2013 and 30 June 2014 year ends. 201312011 December 2013
Navigating the new carbon policy landscape The recent change in Federal Government has ushered in a new period of potential complexity in Australian climate policy. What are the key implications? 2013111414 November 2013
Software license forensics: An investigative approach to publisher licensing reviews Faced with increasingly intricate IT estates and software contracts, companies aren’t always keeping track of software deployment. Read our investigative approach to publisher licensing reviews. 2013111313 November 2013
Progressive Review Companies want more effective and less costly document review in litigation and investigations. Progressive Review™ is EY’s e-discovery document review process. 2013111313 November 2013
e-Discovery and Information Governance Services Handling electronically stored information relevant to regulatory reviews in a consistent, defensible and cost effective way has become a key business challenge. Discover our approach. 2013111313 November 2013
Discovery Services EY offers globally integrated discovery services for every stage of the electronic discovery life cycle. Find out more. 2013111313 November 2013
Investigating a data breach Authorities continue to hold companies and their leadership to account for the security of customer and employee data. Discover EY’s approach to data breach analysis. 2013111313 November 2013
Know Your Trader (KYT) Analytics Services EY’s KYT services identify rogue trader and compliance risks by focusing on information flows and applying statistics and mathematics to supplement proven compliance monitoring tools. 2013111313 November 2013
Dangerous world A step-by-step approach on how to evaluate and address corruption risks in your organisation when putting an anti-corruption program in place. 2013111313 November 2013
AASB 13 Fair Value Measurement Read the implications of AASB 13 for the not for profit (NFP) and public sectors including measuring the fair value of specialised public service assets. 2013101414 October 2013
Reporting Magazine: October 2013 Cybercrime, groupthink in boardrooms and fraud are some of the risks facing businesses today. We explore how organisations can address challenges. 20131001October 2013
New accounting standards and interpretations September 2013 This document is a quarterly supplement to the latest Endeavour (International) Limited applicable for 30 September 2013 year ends. 2013093030 September 2013
Helping you navigate your financial reporting - August 2013 The end of the first compliance period since the commencement of the Australian Carbon Pricing Mechanism (CPM) is now complete. What are the lessons learnt? 2013082020 August 2013
ViewPoints: Strategy, risk appetite and the board Leading audit chairs explore the emerging practice of risk appetite and the value of incorporating it into the enterprise risk management framework 2012070316 January 2013
ViewPoints: Cyber security and the board In discussion with the Managing Director of BT Security, audit chairs find out the growing sense of urgency on cyber security issues and how they can respond to these increasing threats. 2012070316 January 2013
Reporting magazine: November 2012 In our discussions with company executives and market participants around the world, we see a shift in focus to enduring performance and long-term returns. 201207037 November 2012
ViewPoints: Dialogue on Corporate Governance Audit committee chairs from leading European companies met with the European Commission to debate proposals including the separation of the board chair and CEO roles. 201207033 July 2012
ViewPoints: Evaluating audit quality Leading audit chairs from Europe share views on how audit committees can use evaluations of their companies' external auditors to improve the audit. 201207033 July 2012
Audit committee oversights of emerging markets risks As organizations look to the emerging markets to capture growth opportunities, leading audit committees are adopting new approaches to respond to the risks. 2012051616 May 2012
Current issues for European audit committee chairs This briefing explores current trends including navigating the Eurozone crisis, responding to risks in emerging markets and the increasing use of non-audited information by investors. 20120501May 2012

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