Organisations that seek to embed sustainability and climate change into core business activities have an advantage with real benefits.

We help organisations identify, develop and deliver strategies that address risk and opportunity while measuring their effectiveness. Whatever your sustainability or climate change challenges are, we’re here to help you.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Climate and Energy

    In today’s environment, businesses can no longer ignore the physical and regulatory impacts of climate change. This presents opportunities, not just challenges, for organisations that act decisively.

    EY’s climate change and energy team can help your organisation to maximise these opportunities through meeting compliance requirements, managing risks and thinking strategically.

    The impact of climate change is increasingly difficult to predict and hard to plan for. We support organisations to develop their capacity for managing the future, whatever it may look like.

    Our key services:

    • Greenhouse and energy audit

      We have one of the largest teams of Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditors in the country. We are here for all of your greenhouse and energy audit and compliance needs and are accredited to conduct audits under regulatory and voluntary programs. These include:

      • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System
      • Victorian Energy Efficiency Target
      • NSW Energy Saving Scheme
      • Carbon Farming Initiative
      • Emissions Reduction Fund and National Carbon Offset Standard
    • Energy management

      Our experienced team of energy efficiency auditors, equipment specialists, economists and engineers work with our clients to understand their energy use, identify underperforming areas and unlock energy efficiency opportunities.

      Our skills and experience:

      • Energy modelling
      • Energy efficiency and renewable energy assessments
      • NABERS and Green Star assessments
      • Guiding participation in energy programs
      • Energy monitoring
      • Energy management systems
      • Feasibility analysis
      • Development, measurement and verification of your energy usage through data management
    • Carbon strategy and advisory

      We work with organisations to manage risk and optimise opportunities presented by climate change and carbon markets.

      Our skills and experience:

      • Helping organisations comply with, or participate in, climate change regulatory program
      • Developing carbon strategies
      • Marginal abatement cost curves
      • Assessing life cycle of products/services
      • Achieving carbon neutral status
      • Helping clients to develop robust adaptation strategies and processes
      • Performing risk and vulnerability assessments
      • Evaluating adaptation program responses
    • Carbon, energy efficiency and renewable policy evaluation

      We assist clients in the definition, review and evaluation of programs and programs aimed at promoting emissions trading schemes, carbon finance, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Our global network of specialists also have experience in policy and programs from areas including Europe, China, South Korea and America and offer valuable insight.

      Our skills and experience:

      • Definition, review and evaluation of public policy and programs
      • Policy and program evaluations
  • Sustainability reporting and assurance

    More leading Australian and international businesses are now seeking new ways of communicating non-financial performance as stakeholders demand greater transparency to assess long term value.

    New sustainability reporting frameworks like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 and Integrated Reporting will have an impact on the way you report and the way assurance is provided.

    EY has been closely involved in the development of these frameworks and can help you transition to these new ways of communicating your sustainability performance.

    We are licenced to use AccountAbility's AA1000 standards, and have qualified Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner’s in our team.

    Our key services:

    • Reporting advisory

      Your reporting processes need to be robust to mitigate sustainability risks. Using our multidisciplinary and cross sectoral expertise we can:

      • Assist in the development of sustainability reports and communications
      • Undertake materiality assessment
      • Collect and collate sustainability data
      • Develop a reporting strategy
      • Identify material targets and metrics
      • Provide report benchmarking
    • Assurance

      As global leaders in Assurance Services, we can apply the same rigour as our Financial Audit Approach to non-financial metrics and information reported internally or externally.

    We are licenced to use AccountAbility's AA1000 standards, and have qualified Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner’s in our team.
  • Sustainability advisory

    To survive and grow in an increasingly competitive and accountable operating environment, organisations need to build resilience and strengthen their ‘social licence to grow’.

    EY’s sustainability advisory team can help your organisation to achieve this objective.

    Our skills and experience:

    • Crafting business responses to emerging sustainability risks and opportunities
    • Assessing value at stake
    • Mitigating supply chain risks
    • Connecting organisations with the best practice trends, knowledge and skills

    Our key services:

    • Strategy

      Responding to existing and emerging sustainability risks is critical for any organisation. EY assist clients to identify and assess sustainability trends, risks and opportunities through:

      • Stakeholder engagement
      • Materiality assessments and benchmarking
      • Designing/developing an appropriate strategic response
      • Strategy implementation and assessment
    • Supply chain

      An effective, strategic supply chain approach needs sustainable management and procurement. Our team of specialists have extensive, practical experience and help clients:

      • Understand the sustainability risks in the goods and services they purchase
      • Understand how these may impact their business
      • Develop a plan to mitigate risks
      • Implement best practice sustainable procurement systems
    • Human Rights

      Companies expose themselves to greater social compliance risk as they expand into emerging markets in search of lower costs. Effective monitoring is not a check-the-box process.

      Our team assists organisations to mitigate risk and drive business value, helping clients to:

      • Evaluate suppliers to identify social risk
      • Determine if the supplier’s Code of Conduct reflects the standards needed in each country
      • Integrate social compliance into the procurement process (including via training)
      • Increase collaboration between social compliance and internal audit
    • Value measurement

      Organisations create value beyond what is captured by financial statements. There is a need to find new ways to demonstrate the total value created. EY assists organisations to:

      • Identify, measure and report on how they create value beyond traditional financial measures
      • To include broader social and environmental value in their reporting
      • To measure the change in value created over time
    • Capacity Building

      Are you beginning your sustainability journey? Or focused on refining the process? Sometimes you need extra support to meet your objectives. This is why EY offers a tailored solution to support your organisation and build your capacity.

    • Research

      Our key strength is gathering evidence so our work remains current. Our clients regularly commission us to undertake research on their behalf, to understand the landscape in a particular field, or to identify strategically aligned opportunities for investment in the community.

  • Social impact advisory

    Businesses are moving beyond using ‘dollars spent’ as an investment measure and towards investment outcomes such as:

    • The benefits to communities, employees and other stakeholders
    • Reputational benefits
    • The commercial return

    EY’s social impact advisory team works with companies to understand and evaluate the social impacts and outcomes associated with their operations, programs and projects. This is to mitigate risk and maximise opportunities.

    We have registered Accredited Practitioners with The SROI Network, and we are a leading accredited provider of training in this field.

    Our key services:

    • Strategy and program design

      EY help clients design strategies and programs to meet their social impact objectives, including:

      • Community investment strategies
      • Reconciliation Action Plans
      • Staff engagement programs
      • Strategy and partnerships to help not-for-profits with their social mission
      • Building a client’s internal capacity to measure and report impact
    • Evaluation and measurement

      Are your programs and initiatives still relevant and meeting their objectives? These programs need to be reviewed regularly, in an ever-changing environment.

      We have experience in conducting Social Return on Investment (SROI) – the internationally recognised approach for understanding and measuring impact and work with organisations to:

      • Develop an outcomes measurement framework
      • Carry out in-depth analysis
      • Evaluate specific programs
      We have registered Accredited Practitioners with The SROI Network, and we are a leading accredited provider of training in this field.
    • Community and communications

      More NGOs and corporates seek to collaborate on a specific issue and measure collective impact. The success of these partnerships relies on their strengths being effectively leveraged.

      EY can manage initiatives and help organisations identify and create:

      • Partnerships that are aligned to strategy
      • Partnerships that have the potential to create value for both parties
      • A common agenda
      • Shared measurement systems
      • Mutually reinforcing efforts
  • Health, safety and environment

    Organisations need to proactively demonstrate that they are making strategic and operational decisions that drive effective management of health safety and environment.

    This is to prevent incidents, or in the worst of outcomes – a workplace fatality or environmental catastrophe. EY assist clients to protect their staff and the environment whilst turning risk into reward.

    Our key services:

    • Statutory and non-statutory audit

      Health safety and environment audit is an important step in understanding liabilities. It can be a legislative or accreditation requirement or a crucial part of organisational due diligence.

      We help organisations understand the risks and design strategies to mitigate and manage them. As well as developing road maps for future action, our highly accredited auditors carry out:

      • Statutory and compliance audits
      • Internal audits
      • Gap analysis against legislation or internal policy
      • Due diligence reports
    • Management systems

      Improving health safety and environmental performance requires the right tools and systems. You can’t manage risk, if you can’t measure it effectively.

      We assist clients in developing, implementing and reviewing ‘Work Health and Safety Management Systems’ and ‘Environmental Management Systems’.

      Our team includes RABQSA accredited auditors for ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801:2001 who can review your existing system, and carry out subsequent audits.
    • Assurance and reporting frameworks

      Assurance plays a critical role in adding to the robustness of health, safety and environment management and ensuring credibility. EY can assist in:

      • The design, development and implementation of assurance frameworks
      • Improving the reporting of information to management/Boards
      • Supporting organisations to focus on the risks that matter
    • Environmental performance, waste and resource efficiency

      Our team can provide you the right expertise to meet your environmental obligations. We can support you to go beyond compliance to deliver a more resilient organisation. An organisation that has:

      • Better environmental protection
      • Reduced overheads
      • Increased sales and profit
      • A good reputation

      Our services include:

      • Air quality
      • Sustainable product and/or life cycle assessments
      • Waste and resource efficiency advice
      • Green star ratings
      • Expert witness

Ernst & Young ABC Pty Limited (ABN: 12 003 794 296); Australian Financial Services Licence No: 238167.

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