Staying connected with former colleagues

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At EY we are committed to building lifelong relationships with our people.

During your time with us you contributed to our success and helped us become the organization that we are today.

Even though you have moved on to other challenges, you will always be a part of the extended EY family.

Because we value your contribution to our success while you were with our organization, we hope you will stay in touch.


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Why join?

Many of our clients were once co-workers of EY and have maintained the relationships they formed during their time with us. After all, they know what our people can do – and helped build our success.

Similarly, we regularly welcome back former team members who choose to rejoin EY, bringing with them valuable experience and perspectives that enrich our organization.

The EY Alumni Network will help you stay in touch.

  • It gives you a support network of employees, past and present, through which you can pursue life-long relationships, in person and online.
  • It will keep you updated about developments at EY.

When career changes take our people in a new direction, the EY Alumni can still take advantage of our global resources and sustain, or expand, their business network.

Our Alumni are an important part of the global EY community. Wherever you are in the world, our website can help you keep in touch with EY's activities and successes.

What’s in it for me ?

In addition to some benefits and perks for Alumni only, you will also be eligible for many of the advantages offered to our people.

Stay connected

The Alumni Network member directory of all EY Belgium Alumni allows you to reconnect with former colleagues and friends. And update your own details. And update your own details.

Networking opportunities

As an Alumnus, you will be invited to networking events with former colleagues, industry peers and current staff.

Stay informed

Our digital newsletter, Alumni Connection, features stories of our Alumni and informs you about our latest developments, networking opportunities, industry updates and recent thought leaderships.

An open door

You may have left, but being an Alumnus means that you don’t have to close the door. We have a number of ‘boomerangs’ who have kept in touch and eventually returned in a different or more senior role. The Alumni community will keep you updated about opportunities at EY , and you can also visit our careers pages anytime.

Alumni 2.0

In this digital era staying in touch becomes much more easy. EY Belgium is active online, on linkedin and twitter Surf, connect and follow and don’t miss a single update or opportunity.