Our sponsorships and programs

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Please find below an overview of some of our partnerships

  • Amcham
    Through its partnership with the BOIC/COIB, EY wishes to demonstrate to its employees as well as to the outside world that it considers these Olympic values to be of paramount importance. EY is also expressing its confidence in the thousands of EY employees who do their absolute best every day and continually raise the bar with respect to their own limits in the service of clients.
  • Guberna (Instituut voor Bestuurders – Institut des Administrateurs)
  • Be Angels (le réseau des investisseurs actifs en Région Wallonneet en Région Bruxelloise - het netwerk van actieve beleggers in de Waalse en Brusselse Gewesten)
  • Vlerick Alumni
  • Vlerick Management School – IGMO (Impulse Centre Growth Management For Medium-Sized Enterprises)
  • Punch Powertrain Solar Team