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Global Consumer Products Contacts

EY-Kristina Rogers Global Consumer Products Sector Leader 
Kristina Rogers 
Istanbul, Turkey

Contact  |  +90 212 315 3000
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EY-Emmanuelle Roman Global Consumer Products Markets Leader 
Emmanuelle Roman 
London, UK

Contact  |  +44 (0)20 7951 1651
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EY-Andrew Cosgrove Global Consumer Products Lead Analyst  
Andrew Cosgrove  
London, UK

Contact  |  +44 (0)20 7951 5541
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Global Consumer Products Services Contacts

EY - Richard Taylor Advisory Leader 
Richard Taylor
London, UK

Contact  |  +44 20 7951 4004

EY-Mike Sills Assurance Leader  
Mike Sills
Geneva, Switzerland

Contact  |  +41 58 286 5538

EY - Lisa Vines Tax Leader 
Lisa Vines 
Texas, US

Contact  |  +1 214 969 8186

EY - Gregory Stemler Transaction Advisory Leader 
Gregory Stemler
Chicago, IL

Contact  |  +1 312 879 3351   


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