Tilman awarded "l'Entreprise de l'Année 2013"

OpenERP awarded "l'Entreprise Prometteuse de l'Année 2013"

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Brussels, 7 October 2013. Tilman is the winner of the eighteenth “l’Entreprise de l’Année” award. “L’Entreprise de l’Année” is organised by EY (formerly known as Ernst & Young), in collaboration with l’Echo and BNP Paribas Fortis. Tilman has been chosen as the winner from this year’s four nominated companies: Bruyerre, Immoweb, Octa+ and Tilman.

Starting in 1985, with a traditional herbal shop inherited from his father, Jean-Noël Tilman developed a pharmaceutical laboratory, which is now the Belgian phytotherapy (herbal medicine) specialist. Today, Tilman exports 25% of its production. In 2012, Tilman, which employs 81 staff, achieved a turnover of 18 million euros. Jean-Noël Tilman, Managing Director of Tilman, was presented with the award tonight by Vice- President and Minister for the Economy of the Walloon government, Jean-Claude Marcourt.

The prize for “L’Entreprise Prometteuse” was awarded for the first time. The first winner of the award is the Walloon Brabant company, OpenERP. It was chosen from two nominees, Diagenode and OpenERP. The award was presented by Vice-President and Minister for the Economy of the Walloon government, Jean-Claude Marcourt as well.

Launched in 2005, OpenERP grew very rapidly on an international level through its network of partners. OpenERP produces the open-source software OpenERP, a suite of business management applications. More than 200 applications (and 3,000 modules) are available free of charge. With more than 1,000 installations per day, OpenERP is the world’s most installed management software.

An internationally recognised award

For the eighteenth consecutive year, EY organises the “l’Entreprise de l’Année” award in Belgium (francophone edition). Since 1996, EY has rewarded companies that have shown spectacular growth and distinguished themselves in innovation, an outward looking view of the world, strategy and perseverance.

‘“L’Entreprise de l’Année” awards prizes to companies that stand out through achieving spectacular growth and results, and for outstanding achievements in entrepreneurship, strategy, innovation, an outward looking view of the world, and perseverance. Once again, the nominees for the eighteenth “l’Entreprise de l’Année” awards were all highly competent, ambitious and successful. But one company in particular really impressed the judges with its skills and ambitions: the Tilman company. We are truly delighted to see a company as successful and dynamic as Tilman crowned “l’Entreprise de l’Année 2013”’, says Philippe Pire, partner at EY.

Tilman succeeds TPF (2012), Hamon (2011), Exki (2010), Proximedia (2009), FIB Belgium (2008) Amtoys/Noukie’s (2007), Concept et Forme (Stûv) (2006), Callataÿ et Wouters (Sopra Banking Software) (2005), Pharmadeal (Pharmexx) (2004), Euroscreen (2003), I.R.I.S. Group (2002), Eurogentec (2001), EVS Broadcast Equipment (2000), IBA (1999), Ariane II (Sogeti Belgium) (1998), Moorkens Projects (1997) and DB Associates (AOS Belgium) (1996).

‘The quality of management, combining mastery of production with research and development and international commercial expansion, coupled with the ethical principles embodied by the company, are the main reasons that led the judges to choose Tilman as l’Entreprise de l’Année 2013’, says chairman of the jury Baron Jean Stephenne.

A reward for a young company with strong growth potential

In addition, the award for “L’Entreprise Prometteuse” took place for the first time. This prize is to reward a young company still in its developmental stage, a potential future “Entreprise de l’Année”. Among the 40 shortlisted companies, OpenERP and Diagenode stood out from the crowd.

‘The jury has chosen OpenERP as the winner of “L’Entreprise Prometteuse de l’Année 2013”. Our decision has been particularly difficult, due to the outstanding qualities and innovative, ambitious projects of both finalists. The winning company has been rewarded for its outstanding performance and its great potential for development, both in Belgium and abroad. With an innovative, open-source product, which fulfils a clearly identified need, and a highly effective business model, OpenERP is positioning itself as a leader in its field for the years to come’, says Pierre Rion, chairman of the jury.