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Belgian Cyber Security Guide

Belgian Cyber Security Guide

Our objective in this booklet is to provide you more comfort on a subject that is very important and in the news: information security.

Every day all sorts of cyber criminality or cyber misbehaviour pop up around the globe. Many simply ignore it or hide it, for some it is a source of great concern. Several serious cyber security incidents have occurred lately in our own country. It has become increasingly clear that some foreign governments are ready to invest heavily in gathering valuable information. Neither ignorance, negligence or panic are appropriate when it comes to facing the phenomenon of cybercrime.

In business we have to seize opportunities and manage risks with wisdom. Each and every entrepreneur or manager knows what knowledge, technologies or processes make his company strong or even unique and therefore at the same time vulnerable. Precisely those valuable assets must be protected by good information security governance. By the same token such governance will help to protect the company against severe damage stemming from all sorts of bad habits and negligence that start to develop in the current wave of social media and personalized devices and apps.

Let your drive for more protection lead to a new dimension in your company’s culture and to a new company competence: an information security reflex in the ever changing digital environment.

This booklet takes you through the key elements of the subject and provide you with related checklists which will put you on the right track and make it easier for you to implement the advice provided.

We hope it will be useful for all people responsible in companies in our country.

Click here to download the Belgian Cyber Security Guide (pdf, 6mb)