Executive Remuneration in Belgium 2013

The Changing Landscape of Executive Remuneration

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Over the last few years, important changes in the global economic and regulatory environment have affected executive pay practices around the world. For companies like yours, we realize that it becomes increasingly complex to combine the critical business need of maintaining attractive, fair and market aligned executive remuneration packages within the new, and still evolving, regulatory and corporate governance environment.

In such a challenging landscape, you may appreciate the 2013 “Executive Remuneration in Belgium” report which provides insights into CEO remuneration and policy information for the companies listed on the Bel 20, Bel Mid and Bel Small indices.

Apart from these analyses, you will find articles on emerging trends in Executive Remuneration, such as

  • the importance of sustainability, which is evolving into a real strategic business driver and should infuse more concretely into compensation policy,
  • the vital importance of selecting the right Key Performance Indicators for incentives to serve as a genuine enabler in value creation,
  • the Belgian stock option paradigm.

The 2013 “Executive Remuneration in Belgium” report combines food for thought with a suite of valuable statistics providing a picture of where the Belgian market stands. Our team is well equipped to help you addressing the business challenges associated with your next remuneration cycle.

About this report

EY’s 2013 Executive Remuneration in Belgium report presents market practice trends and commentary about Chief Executive Officer (CEO) remuneration. Our report aims to provide a considered analysis of trends in remuneration levels and design as well as commentary on the key regulatory, governance and stakeholder issues affecting executive remuneration.

This report contains analyses of CEO remuneration and policy information for the companies listed on the Bel 20, Bel Mid and Bel Small indices. Analyses are based on information disclosed in the most recent annual reports. Where relevant, information was compared to the prior year. All executive remuneration analyses in this report refer to the position of CEO.

This report is intended to provide an overview of key remuneration trends. It is not intended to be used as a benchmarking tool.


Recently EY’s Talent & Reward practice has grown and become a business partner in the area of remuneration package design and governance. Our experience in advising and working with large multinational enterprises (MNEs) in- and outside Belgium provides us with the knowledge to help you build, implement and maintain best-fit reward programs aligned with your corporate strategy. You can benefit from fully integrated HR, remuneration, tax, legal, accounting, valuation, financial modeling and corporate governance services, along with a global network of talent.