Analyst Relations

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EY’s global Analyst Relations professionals work with the analyst community to assist them with their research and to help them gain insights into how we deliver value for our clients.

EY has a globally recognized portfolio of services that combine core advisory strengths in protecting and improving organizations' performance with deep capabilities in assurance, tax and transactions.

To reach Analyst Relations at EY, please contact our Global Analyst Relations Director Martin Tilling.




Contact Us Martin Tilling
Global Analyst Relations Director
London, UK
icon telephone +44 (0) 20 7980 0686

Lessons from change: findings from the market

Last year, after the crisis, we proposed a new performance agenda. Then we asked the Economist Intelligence Unit to test it by surveying 876 global executives. Here’s what we discovered – and how it can help your business.

Outpacing change: global information security survey

The EY global information security survey, helps our clients focus on the right risks and priorities, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and improve their information security.

The business case for climate change

Leading organizations are leveraging their climate change agenda to help generate revenue, reduce costs and meet stakeholders' expectations. What is your organization's response? Read our report to find out how organizations are anchoring their climate change strategies and staying on course.

The new global reality of Latin America

In our globalizing world, economic power is not only shifting east, but also south. Latin America is starting to fulfill its vast promise – with plentiful natural resources, a young workforce and a thriving entrepreneurial culture. See how the forces of globalization are reshaping business in the region.

Why capital matters for competitive advantage

Uncertainty is the only certainty in today’s market. In our new study, Why capital matters, our survey shows, how you manage your capital agenda today, will define your competitive position tomorrow.