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China Overseas Investment Network - EY - Brasil

China Overseas Investment NetworkNavigating your cross-border challenges globally

The China Overseas Investment Network (COIN) is part of
EY’s commitment to provide seamless and high-quality client service, worldwide, to Chinese companies going overseas and doing business overseas. Our globally integrated structure enables us to deploy dedicated teams with strong local experience, and profound industry knowledge to provide seamless services to our clients.

COIN links EY professionals around the globe, facilitates collaboration, and provides consistent and coordinated services, to our clients with overseas investment from and into China. Building on the existing China Business Group in EY's Americas, EMEIA ("Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa") and Oceania areas, COIN has expanded our network in over (generic_link_WT) generic_link_WT("/Publication/vwLUAssets/Brochure_China_Overseas_Investment_Network/$FILE/COIN brochure.pdf", "", "COIN_brochure", "_blank"); return false;">40 countries and territories (pdf, 157kb) around the world.

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To learn more about China Overseas Investment Network in the Americas, please contact C. Y. Wang, Americas Area Leader, China Overseas Investment Network.

Chinese businesses that plan to invest overseas and do businesses overseas face a wide range of challenges. We offer a wide spectrum of professional services to help address these challenges.

  • Market Entry Strategic Analysis
  • Transaction Advisory Services
  • Performance Improvement
  • Assurance Services
  • IT Risk and Assurance
  • Tax Advisory and Compliance Services
  • Human Capital Advisory

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Global reach and local expertise

Our truly integrated global services network and in-depth local expertise bring great benefits to your global investments; we have a strong presence and rich experience in almost every country in the world. We also have dedicated local resources in China with extensive outbound investment experience helping Chinese companies on their overseas investment activities.

Multi-lingual seamless service teams

We have integrated client service teams from Assurance, Tax, Transaction Advisory, Transaction Tax and Advisory services who are fluent in Chinese, English and other local languages.

Our service teams include many Chinese speaking professionals who have a Chinese background but live and work in major destination countries that you may be investing in, and experienced professionals from major overseas countries residing in China to support the China-related investment issues of our multinational clients.

Our credentials in outbound transactions

We have assisted many Chinese companies with their “go global” strategy including many of the most significant Chinese outbound transactions. In the past few years, we acted as transaction advisors for more than 50 China outbound investment transactions across the world with a total deal value exceeding US$40 billion. We have extensive cross-border transaction experience and knowledge in the most complicated transactions covering a wide range of industries, such as oil and gas, banking and insurance, mining, technology, automotive, real estate, infrastructure, chemical, consumer and industrial products. For more information on our (generic_link_WT) generic_link_WT("/Publication/vwLUAssets/Brochure_China_Overseas_Investment_Network/$FILE/COIN brochure.pdf", "", "COIN_brochure", "_blank"); return false;">COIN services, please download our brochure.


  • Enéas Moreira
    Tel: +55 41 3593 0740
  • Fernanda Chang
    Executive Senior Manager
    Tel: + 55 11 9625 2084
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