EY Entrepreneur Of The Year


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An Entrepreneur Of The Year nominee must:

  • Be an owner, CEO or CEO‑equivalent of a private or public company that is at least three years old;
  • Have some ownership of the company;
  • Be primarily responsible for the company’s recent performance;
  • Be an active member of top management; and
  • Be nominated in the region in which their office is headquartered.

Eligible entrepreneurs include:

  • Company founders; and
  • Individuals who join an established organization in a leadership and ownership role and assume risk while growing the business.

Entrepreneurs who are a generation or more removed from the founder, such as in family-owned businesses, are eligible if they manage the business and assume the associated risks.

Successful entrepreneurs, whether company founders or current leaders, take businesses to the next level. They find creative ways to acquire the capital and resources they need to achieve their goals, and build and grow a business.