EY Entrepreneur Of The Year

What do the judges look for?

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Nominees are evaluated by independent panels of judges in each region.

The judges are educators, business and community leaders, and past winners. They know what it takes to be an outstanding entrepreneur and what really matters when it comes to building and operating a successful business.

The judges look at a wide variety of criteria:

  • Financial performance:
    A strong track record of financial performance, including raising equity and debt financing
  • Vision:
    The ability to create a business concept and implement it effectively
  • Leadership:
    The focus and strength of character that enable the entrepreneur to move forward — and inspire a team to do the same
  • Innovation:
    Driving business success by pioneering new approaches and investing in ongoing research and development
  • Personal integrity and influence:
    Setting high standards and demonstrating a desire to be successful, taking risks and overcoming significant obstacles, and demonstrating perseverance and learning from experience.
  • Community engagement:
    Knowing that commitment and responsibility aren’t confined to business, and putting energy and resources to work in giving back to the community.