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Media and entertainment transaction services

How organizations manage their capital agenda today will define their competition tomorrow. Whether you are preserving, optimizing, raising or investing capital, our Transactions Advisory Services (TAS) team brings together a unique combination of skills, insights and experience to deliver tailored advice attuned to your needs.

We offer integrated, objective advisory services our clients need to help make the right deal at the right price at the right time, whether it's a merger, acquisition, strategic alliance, divestment, equity offering or restructuring.

In delivering the capital agenda to many of the world's most influential M&E companies, we have enabled the successful completion and integration of the largest and most complex transactions taking place in the industry. With transactions in music, broadcasting, film, cable and advertising, as well as every other sector in the industry, a world class and integrated group of professionals are meeting the divestiture, acquisition, restructuring, joint venture, alliance and integration needs for clients across the globe.

We work with our clients in four key areas to help them make better and more informed decisions about how to strategically manage capital and transactions in a changing world.

  1. Preserving: reshaping the operational and capital base
  2. Optimizing: driving cash and working capital, managing the portfolio of assets
  3. Raising: assessing future funding requirements and evaluating sources
  4. Investing: strengthening investment appraisal and transaction execution


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