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Oil and gas transaction advisory services

Our global network of experienced transaction advisory professionals work with many of the world's leading oil and gas companies, fast-growing companies and financial buyers on many highly complex cross-border deals in the global market.

We focus on helping companies develop and deliver successful transactions across the oil and gas value chain. Our global reach means that wherever a company operates, we can help our clients achieve the value that their stake-holders expect.

We have broad financial, commercial, tax and accounting knowledge tailored for the oil and gas industry. We continually challenge ourselves to develop services that are highly relevant to our clients given the evolving regulatory and industry requirements. We provide a broad range of transaction services including:

  • Corporate development advisory:
    • valuation
    • strategic finance
  • Transaction management:
    • M&A advisory
    • transaction support
    • evaluating joint ventures and alliances
    • transaction tax services
    • post-deal integration support
  • Capital management:
    • corporate restructuring
    • capital markets advisory
  • Integration advisory:
    • analyzing post-acquisition integration
    • portfolio realignment

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Oil & Gas
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EY - Troy Stanley    Troy Stanley 
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Oil & Gas
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