Audit Committee

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Today’s audit committees play a significant role in corporate governance to maintain stakeholder confidence. Audit committee members face a range of new challenges as they are tasked with critical oversight on the complexities of financial reporting, regulatory compliance and risk management.

EY's Audit Committee program provides resources and practical tools to keep audit committee members informed on key issues. These include briefings on recent technical and regulatory developments, insight into current and emerging topics of interest, forums to network with peers and keep up to date on best practices. Listed below is our recent audit committee material.

ViewPoints: Audit committee agendas and charters

This ViewPoints summarizes the meeting that focused on several themes related to audit committees’ growing agendas and their management. Read more.

Mining big data to mitigate corruption risk

Advanced forensic data analytics tools can help companies manage the risks of fraud and corruption. Learn how in our Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey.

Promote board diversity to accelerate performance

Boards need to understand the value in diversity and act now. We explore the topic and provide an action list for board chairs.

Audit Committee Bulletin: October 2014

Economic, regulatory and political forces continue to affect the risk management, financial reporting and governance of European businesses. We explore some of the top issues.

ViewPoints: Emerging international risks

This ViewPoints summarizes the meeting which centered around board and audit committee responses to emerging international risks. Read more.

Staying on course: a guide for audit committees

Our guide for audit committees provides an overview of the role, questions to consider and tools such as an example charter, a self-evaluation, a meeting planner and more.

Board Matters Quarterly: September 2014

We focus on key tax risks businesses face today and outline strategies and technologies to more effectively manage the risks.

ViewPoints: Dialogue with the IAASB

This ViewPoints summarizes the discussion on the role of the IAASB and aspects of its activities that are of particular interest to audit committees. Read more.