Entrepreneurial Winning Women™

Criteria and selection

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Entrepreneurial Winning Women will be expected to demonstrate the sophistication and qualities needed to take the fullest advantage of this opportunity.

This includes successes to date that exhibit the creativity, tenacity and plan necessary to take high-potential companies and scale them into market leaders.

The 2015 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women panel of independent judges — representing successful entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders — will name up to 12 Entrepreneurial Winning Women for the Class of 2015 by 11 September 2015.

Interested in applying? Watch this video to learn what the judges look for in an application.

EY - EWW Judges 2014


“Entrepreneurial Winning Women has given me access to a network of women who run incredible businesses. We run into the same issues from time to time and it’s good to know they’re just an email or phone call away when you need to talk them through…I’ve been given advice that has changed my business.”

EY - Tonia Jahshan Tonia Jahshan
Founder and President, Steeped Tea Inc.
Entrepreneurial Winning Women Class of 2014