EY - Private Mid-Market Webcast Series

Private Mid-Market Webcast Series

Growing your private company: A comprehensive series on how to leverage your existing business

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Private companies are an integral part of Canada’s economic growth. The number of private entities far surpasses any Canadian publically traded companies not only in the GTA but on a national level.

EY’s Private Mid-Market practice acknowledges the importance of cultivating the strength in these companies and is focused on servicing them through all stages of the business life cycle. Through over 40 years of focusing solely on private companies, we have noticed many relevant and recurring topics relating to leveraging your current business and future growth objectives.

Our comprehensive series will focus on sharing our experience with companies in the private sector by providing tactical and strategic solutions to growing your private company.

We invite you to register for our webcasts that are relevant to you and your business. For past webcasts please visit the links provided in each section below. All attendees are eligible to receive CPD credits for their participation.

Managing the current business: how to optimize your processes

Processes in private companies typically evolve organically as the business grows from its early stages. Eventually a business outgrows its processes leading to inefficiencies and higher costs of doing business. Transitioning to more effective and streamlined processes that can support an organization's growth can be time consuming and painful.

Join us for a webcast where we will provide you with insight on how to optimize your processes. Topic covered will include:

• Why optimize processes?
• Common challenges
• Approaches to process transformation
• "Source to pay" process examples
• A primer on how to do it


Barry Levine
Associate Partner, Performance Improvement Advisory Services
Ernst & Young LLP

Link to the webcast: http://eycast.eycan.com/2013_03_21_GYPC/

Positioning for growth: Refinancing your business and accessing capital

Growth is on the agenda for many Canadian private companies. Whether your growth is organic or transaction-based, access to capital and risk mitigation is essential for any successful strategy.

This webcast will provide you with insights on how to position your business for future growth and will cover the following issues:

•  Current market conditions
•  Types of financing
•  Risk mitigation strategies


Brian Allard
Senior Vice President, Transaction Advisory Services,
Ernst & Young LLP

Stephen Lewis
Senior Vice President, Transaction Advisory Services,
Ernst & Young LLP

Link to webcast: http://eycast.eycan.com/2013_04_30_GYPC/

Succession and Estate Planning Considerations

The question of who will take over the business has crossed the mind of every privately-held, owner managed company at some point during their businesses lifecycle. Whether you are transitioning to other family members or selling the company to another party, it is important to know what options are available to you in order to mitigate risk and structure a smooth transition.

David Steinberg's webcast will help provide insight into the following topics

•  Succession Planning: Estate and personal continuity planning, business strategy planning and leadership/ownership succession planning
•  Developing a long term strategy
•  Risk mitigation through a comprehensive contingency plan


David Steinberg
Tax Partner & Co-Leader, GTA Private Mid-Market Practice
Ernst & Young LLP

Link to the webcast: http://eycast.eycan.com/2013_07_30_GYPC/.

Growing through acquisition

Entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses often consider a business acquisition as a means of doing so. During a slow economic recovery like we are currently experiencing, this can become an even more attractive option as organic growth is more challenging. Entrepreneurs should consider a number of factors prior to considering an acquisition strategy.

Topic covered will include:

•  Sourcing potential acquisitions
•  Determining valuation
•  How to finance the acquisition
•  Due diligence considerations


Andrew Schaefer
Senior Vice President, Transaction Advisory Services, Private Mid-Market Practice
Ernst & Young LLP

Chris Hutchinson
Vice President, Transaction Advisory Services, Private Mid-Market Practice
Ernst & Young LLP

Link to the webcast: http://eycast.eycan.com/2013_10_29_GYPC/


Government incentives - taking advantage of savings for your business

When you are looking for ways to raise funds to improve and enhance your business, consider how much money you are currently leaving on the table. Let us help you to understand the key incentives that are available for your business.

Join us for a webcast where we will provide you with insight on how to use government incentives to benefit your privately owned business.

Topic covered will include:

Scientific Research and Experimental Development
•  Legislative update
•  Administrative update

Other tax savings
•  Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit
•  Apprenticeship Tax Credit
•  Capital Asset Review


Denis Lajoie
Partner and City Leader for Toronto,
Ernst & Young LLP

Allan Bonvie
Associate Partner, Capital Asset Review,
Ernst & Young LLP

Dharmesh Gandhi
Senior Manager,
Ernst & Young LLP

Link to the webcast: http://eycast.eycan.com/2014_04_09_GYPC/