• Sustainability 2.0 – November 2015

    In this edition, we dive into EY's latest report on Business risks facing mining and metals for 2015-2016. We also discuss some of the results from our national Survey of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) Information Technology (IT).

  • What has to be done to drive truly transformational change?

    Our 4th Global Sustainability Summit provides an answer to this and to many other questions.

  • Climate change adaptation: Is the UK approach adaptable to Canada?

    In collaboration with the Adaptation Platform's Measuring Progress Working Group EY conducted a research study to identify elements of the UK's approach to monitoring and evaluating climate adaptation progress that would be applicable in Canada.

  • Sustainability 2.0 – June 2015

    In this edition, we share with you the insights of an exciting new EY initiative to conduct an unprecedented Canada-wide survey across a vast array of organizations on their information technology (IT) enablement to manage Environment, Health and Safety.

  • Sustainability 2.0 – December 2014

    In this edition, we explore in detail the risk related to maintaining an organisation’s social licence to operate. We also discuss the rise of Integrated Reporting as a strong upcoming trend in financial and non-financial reporting.

  • Renewable energy investment: Canada

    In this issue, we explore 10 concepts that industry and government can develop together to support sustainable renewable energy growth while managing ratepayer impact.

Climate Change and Sustainability Services

Climate change and sustainability continue to rise on the agendas of governments and organizations around the world with rapidly evolving drivers and expectations.

Your business faces regulatory requirements and the need to meet stakeholder expectations as well as respond to opportunities presented for revenue generation and cost reduction.

This means a fundamental and complex transformation for many organizations and the embedding of climate change and sustainability into core business activities to achieve short term objectives and create long-term shareholder value. The industry and countries in which you operate as well as your stakeholders introduce additional complexity, challenges, responsibilities and opportunities.

Our multi-disciplined team of professionals with qualifications in accounting, law, science, social science, engineering and business can help you to navigate your sustainability journey. Our team has the right skills and deep industry experience to support you in embedding environmental and social implications into your strategy, management systems, operations, tax planning, transactions and reporting.

We can provide assurance services that attest the validity of your data being reported. We also offer advisory services that help you to develop and implement your business sustainability strategies.

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