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TaxMatters@EY - December 2012 - Driving business success - EY - Canada

TaxMatters@EY - December 2012

Driving business success

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Global Mobility Effectiveness Survey 2012

Global mobility is increasingly a key feature in driving business success. As the economy remains uncertain, many leading companies are directing new investment and talent to growth or emerging markets; simultaneously trying to maintain margin and revenue in mature regions with experienced manpower and more focused strategies.

EY’s fifth Global Mobility Effectiveness Survey offers a unique insight into the movement of expatriates and business travellers, and the role of the global mobility function in high-performing organizations.

More than 520 companies kindly participated in the survey. Their insights provide an invaluable snapshot of:

  • How far global mobility teams are supporting business strategy and the C-suite’s pursuit of high performance
  • How mobility is executing policies and processes as risk and compliance challenges escalate
  • To what extent they are partnering with talent development and management
  • The ways organizations are channelling talent and mobility to growth markets
  • Overall, how effective the function actually is

Among many noteworthy points, our 2012 survey reveals a real disconnect between global mobility aspirations and day-to-day operations. Last year, we observed the function’s desire to be more strategic, to build tighter links with talent development and to have greater control over cost and risk governance — and a frustration that organizations were not enabling those needs. This year, that frustration, and the tension between the function and business, is heightened. Our survey results, EY client interviews and commentary illustrate the gulf between the vision and the reality.

In this report — across the results, analysis and case studies from leading companies — we have attempted to capture where mobility is today and strategies for development in the future. As we continue to weather the economic storm, we hope it will offer you alternative viewpoints, new thinking and encouragement to help increase the effectiveness of your mobility function and your wider business.

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