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TaxMatters@EY - November 2012 - Publications, articles - EY - Canada

TaxMatters@EY - November 2012

Publications, articles

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Tax Alerts — Canada

Publications and articles

T Magazine, Issue 09: Evolving role of a tax director
With the increased focus on tax by regulators, corporate entities, investors, politicians and the public, the role of the corporate tax director has never been so prominent. The way in which companies manage tax and build links between the tax department and the rest of the business is increasingly critical. Our recent issue of T Magazine investigates the changing roles, skills and tools of the modern tax director and considers how these changes impact those with whom these directors work.

Tax considerations in cloud computing
With the market for cloud computing services continually expanding globally, cloud service providers struggle over how to effectively manage the tax treatment of cloud-related operations. This recent report looks at the 11 countries in which cloud service providers most often conduct their operations and provides a reference guide regarding the tax environment in each country.

Worldwide personal tax guide 2012–13
This guide is part of a suite of premier tax guides published each year by EY. Chapter by chapter, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, we summarize personal tax systems and immigration rules for individuals in 152 jurisdictions.


Business immigration alerts and updates
For the latest information on Canadian and US business immigration issues from Egan LLP, a business immigration law firm allied with Ernst & Young LLP in Canada, visit

Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Our Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation connects and informs entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes as they progress on their growth journey.

Online tax calculators and rates
Frequently referred to in financial planning columns, this popular feature on lets you compare the combined federal and provincial 2012 personal tax bill in each province and territory. The site also includes an RRSP savings calculator and personal tax rates and credits for all income levels. Our corporate tax-planning tools include federal and provincial tax rates for small-business rate income, manufacturing and processing rate income, general rate income and investment income.

Tax counsel and litigation
For news and thought leadership from Couzin Taylor LLP, a tax law boutique allied with Ernst & Young LLP in Canada, visit


EY’s Complete Guide to GST/HST, 2012 (20th) Edition EY’s Complete Guide to GST/HST, 2012 (20th) Edition
Editors: Jean-Hugues Chabot, Sania Ilahi, David Douglas Robertson

Canada’s leading guide on GST includes HST commentary and legislation, as well as a GST–QST comparison. Written by EY indirect tax professionals, the guide is consolidated to 15 July 2012. Purchase a copy today.

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