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Transaction Real Estate

Ernst & Young Orenda Corporate Finance Inc.
Ernst & Young Corporate Finance (Canada) Inc.

EY has the largest integrated real estate practice of any accounting firm. With 5,000 professionals around the world, our global network provides audit, tax and transaction advisory services to real estate owners, investors, lenders and users – including many REITs, homebuilders and developers.

Our unique approach combines entrepreneurial thinking and a working knowledge of real estate issues with broad real estate experience, vast resources and a diverse network of clients and contacts. We serve more than 4,000 real estate clients across the country and throughout the world.

Our Transaction Real Estate practice in Canada is part of a team of 500 dedicated real estate transaction professionals located around the globe. These professionals help plan, execute and integrate their clients’ transactions strategy effectively, both domestically and across global markets.

Learn more about the services we offer:

  • Real estate lead advisory and capital markets services

    Our Transaction Real Estate practice offers objective advice to companies engaging in, or considering, a transaction for the purpose of growth, financing or monetization. We recognize that transactions are key to business strategies and require multidisciplined skill sets. We provide a single point of contact and a fully integrated service offering to help companies throughout the entire transaction lifecycle.

    Our team has assisted in transactions for every type of property category, including commercial, industrial, residential, hotels and resorts. We provide independent advice, untainted by affiliation to any particular source of financing.

    Ways we help clients:

    • Analysis of available financing, liquidity or growth options
    • Development and implementation of capital markets strategies
    • Recapitalization for real estate projects
    • Sourcing financing for real estate projects
    • Acquisition or disposition of portfolios of assets or single assets
    • Identifying and structuring joint venture or strategic partnership opportunities
    • Other complex sales strategies
  • Dispute advisory

    Disputes relating to real estate can become emotional and costly. Longterm business, personal and family relationships can be forever damaged. As well, equity can be significantly eroded through costly court battles and forced sale of assets.

    Our professionals have the in-depth industry knowledge, objectivity and experience to assist you in developing and executing the strategy to help resolve your disputes.

    We take an integrated team approach that incorporates business, tax, accounting and commercial perspectives.

    Our team has assisted clients in many ways in real estate related disputes, including:

    • Providing valuation of assets and entities
    • Developing and assisting in the negotiation of tax-effective separation of interests
    • Advising on buy/sell strategies
    • Acting as a court-appointed administrator or liquidator
    • Acting as an informal mediator
    • Providing litigation support service
  • Strategic real estate advisory services

    We provide independent advisory services to real estate investors, developers and occupiers. We work together with you to help you enhance the value and management of your real estate assets.

    Ways we help clients:

    • Retain, sell, refinance options analysis
    • Lease versus purchase analysis
    • Portfolio strategy development
    • Due diligence
    • Project feasibility analysis
  • Valuation and financial modelling

    Private and public companies, lenders and institutional investors often seek valuations from independent professionals for major transactions, management decision-making or reporting. We apply a rigorous and disciplined process of investigation and analysis to your business and its environment — providing you with meaningful and relevant valuations.

    Ways we help clients:

    • Real estate valuation of single or portfolio properties for compliance or regulatory purposes
    • Valuation analysis for financial reporting purposes, including purchase price allocations, value impairment studies and financial statements
    • Development or review of real estate valuation models
    • Independent review of third-party appraisals or valuations
    • Fairness opinions

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