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Corporate debt advisory

What are the issues?

  • There is a need or desire to refinance — potentially driven by, among other factors, additional financing requirements, an inflexible debt structure or relationship issues with existing lenders.

How we can help

Working with you to find appropriate debt structures that meet your needs, our corporate debt advisory services include:

  • Review and analysis of the current debt structure, potential future cash flows and financing requirements
  • Evaluation and advice on appropriate debt structures for your company, considering the nature of your business, its asset base, cash flow and the purposes for which financing will be used
  • Advice on ways to improve opportunities and mitigate risk inherent to new or existing debt structures, particularly when requirements may be outside normal asset values or covenants
  • Assistance with the preparation of business plans and projections for lender due diligence purposes
  • Identification of potential alternative lenders and assistance with the structuring of credit agreements

The potential benefits

  • Developing and putting into place an appropriate debt structure help meet your business’s cash requirements and provide stability.
  • With our experience, we can provide insight and practical advice regarding the range and structures of financing available.

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