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Crisis stabilization and restructuring

What are the issues?

  • As distress heightens, your company’s relationship with lenders, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders may deteriorate, placing further strain and stress on operations and management.
  • Management requires highly experienced assistance to support business recovery and restructuring efforts.

How we can help

Use our knowledge and experience to help you navigate unfamiliar financial crisis situations with confidence and assist in protecting or enhancing stakeholder value. Our crisis stabilization and restructuring services include:

  • Forecasting and cash management advice aimed at facilitating potentially difficult requests for further lender support
  • Assistance with communications with key stakeholders (e.g., when to engage, what to present to them, messaging)
  • Assistance in engaging stakeholders to create and maintain a stand-still environment that allows for a controlled restructuring
  • Analysis of stakeholder positions to identify key points for negotiations
  • Support to develop and implement viable financial restructuring plans

The potential benefits

  • Engaging advisors demonstrates to key stakeholders that management is developing measured responses to the crisis situation.
  • Management is able to handle difficult negotiations with confidence, having been clearly advised on strategy and on the likely responses of the various stakeholders.

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