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Working capital advisory

What are the issues?

  • Day-to-day cash and working capital management may not be of focus for your company. You have a need or desire to improve cash flow and manage liquidity more effectively.
  • Existing initiatives and processes are not delivering the anticipated results or generating new savings.

How we can help

We help you improve cash flow and release value locked up in receivables, payables and inventories. Using a straightforward and hands-on approach, our services include:

  • Identification of where current business processes could be improved and the potential savings that can result
  • Assistance with implementation of new or revised business processes that can help convert working capital into cash flow
  • Development of systems to maintain and monitor newly implemented processes and integrate them into your reporting and forecasting systems

The potential benefits

  • Fast and sustainable improvements in cash flow and working capital levels are possible, reducing interest costs and improving liquidity.
  • Potentially significant cash generation opportunities may be identified.
  • Our support helps facilitate a change in corporate culture and approach, enhancing

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