Corporate responsibility:
sustainability in a changing world

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Corporate responsibility is integral to EY’s business strategy. Our four pillars include community engagement, education, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability.

It’s our role in creating a sustainable context — in other words, a thriving community able to protect its environment, educate its children and become prosperous by fostering innovation and generating new businesses.

The communities around us have a profound impact on the future of EY and our clients, and that is why we invest in them through these four pillars of corporate responsibility:

EY Annual report 2012

EY Annual report 2013

Our 2013 annual report with a focus on sustainability is intended to offer insights into our organization and corporate culture.

Education - Girl writing on the board


We work to broaden access to education so that the next generation has the skills it needs to make a positive contribution to society.



We support entrepreneurs because they create jobs, build communities and contribute to macro-economic growth.


Environmental sustainability

We reduce our impact on the environment wherever we can.

Please note: EY does not accept unsolicited request for funding or volunteer engagements.