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Life Sciences

Finding sustainability

Amplified business decisions are the new norm in today’s environment of rapid change in health care.

The life sciences community must explore a new course to address the changing climate — one driven by patients and focused on health outcomes.

From new market entrants and regulatory reform to expiring patents and rising prevalence of chronic disease, there are a myriad of hurdles to overcome.

Our Global Life Sciences Center brings together a worldwide team of professionals to help you achieve your potential.

We cover key issues in these areas:

  • Biotechnology

    More than any other technology, biotechnology has the potential to alter our lives in a positive way. And by achieving this potential, today’s biotech companies are delivering new levels of health, prosperity and sustainability — around the world.

    But with uncertain capital markets, increasing regulation, growing pricing pressures, and fierce competition in M&A, this sector faces numerous challenges.

    We have been a pioneering presence in the biotechnology industry for many years. As the first professional services firm to build a practice dedicated to serving your industry, it’s not surprising that we serve more biotech companies than any other professional services firm — by a wide margin.

    We remain committed to your business, sharing our deep knowledge in leading reports and through our network of knowledgeable professionals.

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  • Pharmaceutical

    Pharmaceutical companies are facing great changes to the industry — emerging science, new products and services, shifting demographics, evolving regulations, transforming business models and increased stakeholder expectations. We are helping pharmaceutical companies around the globe to address the challenges presented by this new world we call Pharma 3.0.

    Pharma 3.0 stands for the next big wave of improvements in health care – driven not just by new products, but by behavioral change. The future priority will be to identify interventions that are most promising, and then realign the behavior of all stakeholders — patients, providers and manufacturers — around these interventions.

    We also publish a series of reports to bring you clear insights into assurance, tax, transaction, and other issues, as well as our annual report on pharmaceutical industry trends, Progressions.

    Our thought leadership helps you navigate the shifting global landscape and grow your business — the new business imperative of improving health outcomes.

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  • Medical technology

    Fundamental drivers — from aging populations and increasingly prevalent chronic diseases to expanding needs for lifestyle medical procedures — suggest demand for medical technology products should be robust for years to come.

    Still, the road ahead is littered with risks and challenges. Within an industry that requires constant innovation, you’re under pressure to demonstrate value for the products you develop, comply with increased regulations and satisfy the demanding new consumer-turned-competitor.

    Not only are we the firm of choice for medtechs entering the public markets, we also audit more medtech companies that are tracked by the Russell 3000 and Standard & Poor’s than any other professional services firm.

    From venture funding and IPOs to initial product launches and global expansions, we have the proven experience to help medical technology organizations navigate every critical stage of their business life cycle.

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Firepower and growth gap report 2015

Biopharma M&A reached record levels in 2014, with firms seeking focus, scale and growth. Read more about last year’s deal-making landscape in our 2015 outlook.