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Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) - EY - Switzerland

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Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)

Introducing GIPS®

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) are a set of ethical standards whereby investment managers are able to present and disclose investment performance in a way that is accepted and acknowledged globally.

The Standards allow investors to compare investment performance using a consistent methodology, on an “apples to apples” basis, thereby enhancing the professionalism of the industry.

This is particularly true in the case of institutional investors, who consider performance as a critical criterion for selecting investment managers. As a result, we see GIPS as an especially important theme in institutional asset management. Today, private investors are also more performance-conscious than ever, and that consciousness with grow, as GIPS implementation advances globally.

Some of the benefits both for investment managers as well as investors include:

Investment Managers

  • Strengthened internal processes and controls, improved risk management;
  • Increased competitiveness resulting from efficient internal policies and procedures;
  • Comparability of investment performance with competitors and a key marketing advantage;
  • Confidence in compliance with local and international standards and leading practices; and
  • Improved perception, transparency and credibility in the investment market.


  • Assurance that the performance information is complete and fairly presented;
  • Greater degree of confidence in the performance numbers presented by the firms; and
  • Comparability of investment performance among firms.

Find out more about how GIPS will affect your business, by clicking on the following links:

Investment performance reporting: from obligation to differentiator

«Investment performance reporting: from obligation to differentiator» As investment firms, both traditional and alternative, continue to leverage new and more complex investment products such as 130/30 Funds, Exchange Traded funds and new Hedge fund strategies to increase assets under management, their ability to compete and effectively market these products has a direct correlation with the reliability and accuracy with which they report the investment performance of these, and all, vehicles to investors (1.13 MB).




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