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For EY, public relations mean more than just informing the media and the public about the development of our company. We also delve into key industry issues and participate in public debates.

In addition, we publish studies and specialist articles and serve as your contact person for technical questions.

Most recent news releases


February 2016

3 February 2016
Pharmaceuticals companies on a shopping spree  

The pharmaceuticals sector is experiencing an exceptional year: companies in the sector once again far exceeded the M&A record they set the year before. At just under USD 328 billion, the sector spent more money than ever on mergers and acquisitions. This corresponds to an increase of more than half.


January 2016

12 January 2016
Real estate in Switzerland remains attractive in 2016

While investors continue to find the Swiss real estate market attractive, the outlook has grown somewhat gloomier since last year. EY Real Estate Trend Barometer participants see the best opportunities for gains in the residential sector. The picture for hotel property prices, by contrast, is bleak.

07 January 2016
EY Bank Barometer 2016 ‒ core business back in the frame
Having for years concentrated their resources on resolving legacy burdens and implementing new regulations, Switzerland's banks are now focusing on strategic reorientation and developing core business.