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As the world evolves, so do your business issues. The catalysts vary: from geopolitical events to regulatory reform, from new technologies to emerging markets.

And their impact can be swift and far-reaching. Our approach — grounded in industry-specific experience and committed to delivering measurable, sustainable results — can help you adapt and succeed. Even in an uncertain environment.

We can help you with:

  • Information security in a world without borders

    A highly globalized world offers greater opportunities, but also greater risks, and increased communication among various parties makes huge demands on the information security of everyone involved in exchanging data.

    Important questions about your information security:

    1. What damage to our company reputation and brand perception could arise from a security gap?
    2. Are all internal and external risks taken into account when we modify our security strategy and risk management?
    3. What do I perceive to be the main security risks and to what extent do they affect my security tasks?
    4. How does my risk tolerance affect how I deal with controllable risks?
    5. Is the strategic direction of my IT risk management in line with my corporate strategy?

    If you are wondering whether the information at your company is really safe, and you would like to discuss this issue with us, then please contact us.

    We use a holistic approach to examine all relevant areas of your information security and, together with you, strive to improve your business performance. We are well acquainted with the ins and outs of your industry. Drawing on our in-depth knowledge, leading practices and global experience, we set up the requirements for measureable and sustainable results.

  • Managing risks - seizing opportunities

    Important questions for corporate leaders and supervisory bodies:

    1. Are your costs for implementing internal controls transparent, and do you know how these costs compare to your peer group? Do your risk functions meet your needs?
    2. Do your risk functions work in a coordinated and consistent manner and do they use the same procedure? Do they support your corporate strategy and objectives in the best way possible?
    3. How high is your risk tolerance (can you quantify and aggregate your risks)? Have you defined your "risk appetite" accordingly?
    4. Have you coordinated your risk and performance management in such a way that you can control them in an integrated manner?
    5. Do you have a firm grasp of the rights and obligations in the contracts with your business partners? Do you regularly review them in order to recognize and capitalize on opportunities?

    If you are wondering whether the return on your investment in risk management is appropriate, and you would like to discuss this issue with us, then please contact us. We help you set up your risk management to ensure the continued existence of your company while at the same time boosting performance.

  • Internal audit in the complex areas of risk coverage, value contribution and costs

    Important questions for corporate leaders and supervisory bodies:

    1. Does your Internal Audit contribute to the achievement of your business goals, understand the expectations of your key stakeholders and generate an appropriate added value?
    2. When was the last time your Internal Audit underwent an independent external quality evaluation? IIAS (the Institute of Internal Auditing Switzerland) requires that it be done every five years.
    3. Are you aware of the full potential of a partnering model with respect to risk coverage, value contribution and the costs of Internal Audit?

    If you are wondering whether your Internal Audit has really developed its full potential and whether there is room for improvement, and you would like to discuss this issue with us, then please contact us. 

    We will help you turn your Internal Audit into a true business partner.

  • A clear vision for business management - the performance navigator

    An efficient finance function can be the key to sustainable growth for your company.

    In about 98 percent of companies, the prevailing opinion is that not all the options for improving the finance function have been exhausted.

    The challenge is to continue driving corporate growth while protecting the company's value in the best way possible.

    What's more, our analyses show that 80 percent of companies plan to continue optimizing their finance strategy, function and processes on the basis of their corporate strategy.

    To this end we see three key priorities in finance that must be balanced: management, effectiveness and efficiency.

    1. Management: enable strong corporate management and strengthen the decision-making process throughout the company while taking scenarios into account
    2. Effectiveness: strict implementation of the corporate strategy in the operational units
    3. Efficiency: ensure performance along the entire supply chain and highlight cost optimization potential

    Further information available at:

  • Proper use of IT

    IT utilization requires a proper balance between boosting performance and minimizing risk.

    But all too often companies miss this target.

    The reason why: the influence IT has on a company's success and its processes has grown so quickly that many CIOs are faced with the daunting task of combining technical possibilities with new business perspectives.

    Challenges for IT decision-makers:

    • Increasingly complex IT and operational management models
    • Cost efficiency and transparency requirements
    • New compliance requirements
    • New forms of cyber threats
    • Greater expectations regarding corporate responsibility

    Successful companies concentrate on these decisive challenges and meet them with a holistic approach at the highest corporate levels.

    Further information about the proper use of IT at:

  • Focus on: clients

    In order to grow it is necessary to better understand client needs and behavioral patterns and integrate them into the company. This means it is vital to identify the most valuable clients and ensure they remain loyal.

    In an increasingly volatile market environment, client needs and requirements can change very quickly. They must be implemented more rapidly in order to further expand the company's role as a pacesetter as well as to gain a competitive edge. New trends and developments in the market and the industries play a key role in order to focus on forward-looking customer retention and acquisition. In addition, the potential for innovation needs to be recognized and put to use throughout the entire company.

    Our analyses have shown that the increased uncertainty and volatility on the market have made it necessary for firms to be more agile. At the same time there is also considerable scope for identifying new client needs and turning them into innovative solutions and business models.

  • Efficient supply chains

    In order to remain a player in a highly complex and volatile business environment, many companies strive to further optimize their supply chains and adapt to the varying environmental conditions:

    • either by rapid expansion to gain a strategic advantage over competitors in emerging countries
    • or by cost-cutting and efficiency improvement programs to raise profit margins

    Our analyses show that both methods involve seven related factors that must be taken into account.



    The following apply to growth markets:

    • management of operational, regulatory and tax risks
    • enabling new sources of income
    • preparing an effective model of the supply chain and establishing an infrastructure, processes and systems

    The following applies to established markets:

    • restructuring the supply chain for the purpose of cost leadership
    • optimizing global expenses
    • improving operational agility and the ability to react

    For both established and growing markets, expectations concerning sustainability and environmental friendliness are rising.

  • Compliance: changes and implementation

    Corporate Governance Codex – BilMoG – SOX404 – J SOX – DIIR – DRS 5 – IDW PS  –GoBS –KonTraG – BASEL II – BASEL III - MiFID – Solvency II - REMIT – EMIR – MAD – CRD – COSO I – COSO II – BDSG – FAIT – MaRisk – KWG – GxP

    Are you unable to navigate the jungle of legal requirements, regulations, standards and other compliance provisions?

    Due to numerous cases of accounting and balance sheet fraud as well as antitrust and other violations, many countries have increased regulations. The number of liability cases is on the rise, as is, as a result, the number of tarnished reputations.

    Respecting all the major laws and regulatory requirements in all markets and fields of activity and the internal corporate guidelines that are based on them poses a particular challenge because failure to comply can threaten a company's very existence.

    Together with you we will bring clarity to the chaos, implement compliance requirements and test the effectiveness of all steps taken:

    • Analyses of the effects and requirements of (new) regulations and provisions
    • Support with the implementation of requirements for (new) regulations and provisions
    • Revision of business and IT processes
    • Revision of IT systems
    • Establishment of integral internal control systems
    • Review and control of compliance and discovering potential improvements

    We work in integrated teams comprising technical and IT specialists in order to provide you with a complete view of your specific compliance requirements.

    Are you concerned that there may be corruption or violations of antitrust laws in your business environment or are you currently concerned that there may be a compliance issue at your company? We can help you with our Fraud Investigations & Dispute Services.



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