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Climate Change and Sustainability Services

Sustainability has become an increasingly important component of corporate success ever since the concept of corporate social responsibility entered the public domain. Companies are not only expected to play their part in protecting natural resources and human interests, but also to demonstrate that they do. And the role of sustainability is set to grow and grow as ever more consumers, employees, policy makers, the media and financial market participants take it into account in decision-making. This important issue touches almost every aspect of business life. The support we can offer is geared accordingly.  

  • We can help you with strategic issues such as developing a sustainable corporate strategy, your mission statement or your understanding of governance. We are ready with answers to your implementation and sustainability management questions. For example, we can help you develop systems to manage opportunities and risks, compliance, procurement, communication and HR, and show you how to monitor and measure them.
  • Sustainability is a fluid concept, affecting various industries in different ways and raising a range of challenges. Our industry professionals are on hand to help you address these issues.
  • As a topic, sustainability is not limited to the “major players”. SMEs and family firms are anchored in a different environment, leading to different sustainability issues ¬¬– we can support you with a tailored approach whatever your background.
  • Sustainability feeds on dialogue, exchange and experience. Our teams have developed various tools and tactics to facilitate these key components.
  • Sustainability is important to EY, too. For us, it’s a matter of credibility. Find out more about EY’s approach to CSR, progress reports, etc.  

Visit our Global Climate Change and Sustainability Services site.

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