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Financial Accounting Advisory Services

More relevant than ever

In today’s environment of stricter regulatory requirements, increasing shareholder and stakeholder demand for information, and ongoing efforts to stay ahead of the competition and address customer needs, successful companies face growing pressure from all sides.

We can help our clients navigate the complex accounting issues facing their business, leaving them free to focus on the operating side. For instance, we can help businesses get it right when accounting for new business models or unusual transactions in accordance with the relevant financial reporting standards, whether Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS of US GAAP.

Although ongoing convergence activities for IFRS and US GAAP are helping remove the differences, the initiatives are associated with changes in major areas such as revenue recognition, lease accounting or fair value measurement, including accounting for financial instruments.

Companies seeking to optimize their businesses face complex questions when accounting for mergers, acquisitions, IPOs and carve-outs. We are on hand as a sparring partner to help you get to grips with these challenges. For instance, our team can help you ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in a planned IPO, or assist you in getting financial reporting right, both before and after the stock market launch.

Our Financial Accounting Advisory Services professionals work together in global, multi-disciplinary teams to leverage their extensive expertise. We offer deep sector knowledge to help you tackle the complex finance issues that matter to you. As the most integrated organization in our profession, EY can quickly and easily mobilize the best resources and experience from anywhere in the world – to the benefit of our clients. 

Our services include:

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EY - Financial Accounting Advisory Services

Financial Accounting Advisory Services has never been more relevant to the market. You will need a tailored service and a consistent methodology to address these needs. Our methodology gives you the benefits of deep sector knowledge and the latest insights built on worldwide professional experience and expertise.

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German speaking part:
Roger Müller 
FAAS Leader Switzerland
+41 58 286 33 96

Stefan Marc Schmid
FAAS Leader Financial Services Switzerland
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French speaking part:
Mark Hawkins 
Financial Accounting Advisory Services Switzerland
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US GAAP and IFRS convergence

IFRS implementation continues worldwide

Visit to keep up with IFRS developments, including US/IFRS convergence activities.