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Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT regulations in Switzerland have become extremely complex over the last few years. In the wake of globalization, companies frequently have questions about VAT on cross-border transactions.

For taxpayers, it can be very difficult to see through the thicket of rules and regulations and determine the relevant VAT provisions and developments.

In order to avoid significant arrears or unnecessary tax liability abroad, it is very important to implement VAT regulations correctly. Even in well organized businesses, mistakes occur, and in most cases taxes can be optimized. In our view, VAT offers many risks and opportunities.

Advising on cross-border issues

Despite EU harmonization (Directive 6), VAT legislation in individual EU member states is, unfortunately, not uniform, and its practical application by national tax authorities even less so. This makes cross-border VAT advice all the more important.
Our global network enables us to solve VAT questions in connection with deliveries and other services in the EU and third countries, allowing our clients to optimize their cross-border tax arrangements.

Industry-specific support

For some industries, VAT has become increasingly complicated as for example the financial and insurance sector and companies in the liberalized energy market. It is precisely in these areas that our specialists offer a wealth of experience and expertise.

Our globally integrated teams give you the perspective and support you need to manage indirect taxes effectively.

 To find out more about the services we offer in this area please contact us.


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