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Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) - EY - China



  • Chairman's message
    On 1 July, we launched our new brand “EY” globally and we made it our purpose to help build a better working world. We believe that in a better working world trust increases, so capital markets are strong and investors make informed decisions. Businesses grow sustainably, employment rises, consumers spend and governments invest in their citizens. More than just growth, a better working world harnesses and develops talent and encourages collaboration.

    How do we build a better working world? We challenge ourselves with this question all the time. This year’s EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China awards winners have shed light on a practical approach.

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  • EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2013 awards gala
    EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013 China awards gala came to a successful conclusion on 15 November in Hong Kong. 

  • EOY 2013 China program launch
    EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013 China program launch was held in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai on 17th ,19th and 20th June respectively. Ricky Wong, Annie Yau Tse, Arthur Chow, Michael Wu, Wang Changtian, Neil Shen, Zhou Hongyi, Liu Jiang, Wen Yibo, Niu Wenwen,Ren Yuanlin, Chen Ying Chieh, Liang Xinjun, Hong Qinghua, Professor Liao Jianwen separately attended the ceremony in three cities.

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Patsy Leung Pech,
Program Director,
Entrepreneur Of The Year China

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