EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China - chairman's message

Leading the future with vision and insight

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I am very pleased to announce that this year’s EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China awards are open for nominations.

Year 2014 marks the beginning of drastic entrepreneurial transformation which is bound to have a long-lasting impact in the way of doing business in China.

The Internet has radically impacted traditional sales and marketing, as well as financial services, bringing forth opportunities and challenges to every sector. Big data provide insights into consumers’ spending behavior and new business models are emerging to collect data and use the information to analyze our health or call a taxi nearby. Fast-changing markets leave entrepreneurs not much choice but to brave into the new era.

In future, operation, partnership and competition will find no geographic boundaries. To win in the competition, entrepreneurs must have the readiness to look beyond and act ahead of the trend.

The theme of this year’s program is Leading the future with vision and insight. It can be seen as a challenge to the entrepreneurs in China, as well as a yardstick for them to measure their success against.

Entrepreneurs are visionaries who never lose hope for the future no matter how opaque the view may be. With courage and insights, they see in changes endless possibilities. As a distinctive professional services organization, EY is committed to supporting them in their adventurous and exciting journey to success.

Through EOY China awards, we want to identify and recognize entrepreneurs with vision and insights. We believe they will create a better future for the world. They are the future of the world.

Albert Ng
Chairman, China
Managing Partner, Greater China