EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China - chairman's message

Innovation to build a better future

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I am very pleased to announce that the 10th EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China awards are open for nominations.

China’s economy has entered the “new normal” phase of development. It features a slowed yet stable rate of growth, increasingly driven by innovation. The shifting from manufacturing and an investment-based economy is a result of the continued and successful reforms in China.

With this transformational development, entrepreneurship and innovation will become the critical force to sustain the vitality and growth of the world’s second biggest economy.

“New normal” creates new challenges for Chinese entrepreneurs, especially the up-and-coming ones. How to navigate a possible slowdown and other uncertainties? How to strengthen the core competitive advantages of their business to build a better working world? How to win the intense competition for customers and investors worldwide?

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the EOY awards in China. In the past decade, our program has been committed to identifying and recognizing entrepreneurs with the most innovative spirit. We have helped them capture opportunities and meet challenges, and supported them every step of the way on their growth journey.

We are delighted to see that innovation has become a strategic priority of our Chinese entrepreneurs. We believe these remarkable business leaders will continue to drive innovation and fuel the economic transformation of China.

The search for innovation and outstanding entrepreneurs continues. We welcome your nominations for the 2015 EOY China awards.

Albert Ng
Chairman, China
Managing Partner, Greater China