Trends and cases on IT and fair competition rules

Compliance business cases

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Due to increased enforcement measures as well as an increased awareness in the general public, many companies are taking steps to ensure compliance with unfair-competition laws and IT regulations by implementing changes in company policies and procedures.

In doing so, these companies have tended to realize significant savings in their overall IT budgets as well as administrative costs. In addition, many companies have also experienced other benefits, including less downtime for employees, fewer help desk issues, faster inventory responses and lower labor costs.

Below outlines several cases where businesses complied with the processes and thus benefited.

A consumer food group

Operating area: Europe (20+ countries)
Revenue: US$ 100m
Size: 1,000 employees


  • Hired an IT services company to conduct a complete assessment
  • Determined the complete software inventory installed on individual PCs and servers
  • Reviewed purchase documentation against installed software and regulatory requirements
  • Created a report consisting of all licenses owned, including any shortages or surpluses
  • Introduced effective policies to optimize how the company purchases and maintains software


  • Assured IT legal compliance
  • Cost efficiency of IT purchase
  • Clear visibility of the software assets
  • Improved software management

A semiconductor industry leader

Operating area: worldwide (100+ countries)
Revenue: US$ 300b
Size: 30,000 employees


  • Evaluated individual employee’s software needs and designed a standardized software package to fulfill the needs
  • Constantly reinforced the importance of the proper and authorized use of software
  • Used automated software to conduct the monitoring of all software installed and used within the company


  • Increased efficiency of its software investment
  • Ensured the viability and competitiveness of the company
  • Achieved customer trust, technology leadership and manufacturing excellence

A global PC/mobile phone maker

Operating area: worldwide (100+ countries)
Revenue: US$ 20b
Size: 20,000 employees


  • Established centralized IT security control team
  • Conducted regular training and communication and IT audit process
  • Conducted supply chain assessment in partner selection including IT integrity


  • Increased IT operation efficiency
  • Reduced IT acquisition costs
  • Improved supply chain partnership quality