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Greater China Insights

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Our quarterly magazine On the Beam contributes our rich thought leadership to the Greater China market, helping organizations to keep them abreast of the latest market and industry trends.

Issue 4  Download PDF (3.9mb)

  • Understanding China’s education “industry”: Growth is everywhere, but choose specific opportunities wisely
  • Latest developments of China’s Anti-monopoly Law and coping strategies
  • Analysis of the operations management model of the world’s top oil companies and insights for Chinese companies
  • Challenges and opportunities for Chinese companies to navigate global markets
  • Winning eCommerce in China
  • First-half of 2014 results for China’s listed banks
  • The implications of increased international tax transparency on Hong Kong
  • Forensic accounting and food safety
  • Industry’s role in a healthier China

Issue 3  Download PDF (7.8mb)

  • Regional service providers stepping up to the cloud computing stage
  • Business booms as Shanghai pilots free trade
  • The right model can make the difference
  • Building a sound and steady auto dealer network through risk management
  • Operational transfer pricing
  • Shanghai to lead global shopping center development in next three years
  • Another wave of Chinese companies going for IPOs in the United States
  • Corporate Governance Evaluation System Testing
  • Outlook for foreign banks under interest rate liberalization
  • Capitalizing on China’s renewable energy opportunity
  • A new wave for the Hong Kong transfer pricing environment
  • Spotlight on China for EY Strategic Growth Forum
  • US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) - Challenges of a new law

Issue 2   Download PDF (6.9mb)

  • Year of the horse: A trot or a gallop?
  • Foreign banks in China: on the cusp in new era
  • Building a more ethical business world
  • A budget requiring society to make a choice
  • A look at the Taiwan Free Economic Pilot Zone in light of the opening of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
  • A case study: data leakage protection for hi-tech manufacturing industry
  • Profit or loss as the great paradox
  • How mining companies in China break out of the impasse of the current economic situation
  • Analysis of government grants and tax implications during enterprise relocation
  • Finding value in sustainability reporting
  • China’s going global, so get your taxes right
  • Addressing talent management risks

Issue 1   Download PDF (7.5mb)

  • Strategic investing in China
  • Unmasking the COO mystery
  • For food, nothing is more important than safety
  • Building a better working world
  • Mergers and acquisitions among China’s pharmaceutical enterprises
  • Tax transparency and risk management: two sides of the same coin
  • Driving profitability growth: the productivity challenge in China
  • Social media: a double-edged sword for companies
  • Are you ready for the next waves of changes to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)