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Recent seminars

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Date Contents of Seminar Location
Nov 2013 Update of HKFRS  Hong Kong
Aug 2013 Basic audit and tax Shanghai
Jul & Aug 2013 Chinese customs Shanghai (Jul) & Suzhou (Aug)
Jul 2013 China tax Guangzhou, Shenzhen & Hong Kong
Jun 2013 Transfer pricing Hong Kong
Mar 2013 Withdrawal from China and Restructuring Shanghai
Dec 2012 Update of HKFRS Hong Kong
Dec 2012 Countermeasure for fraud and tax audit Shanghai
Nov 2012 Regional headquarters Hong Kong
Sep 2012 Reinventing of Value Added Tax Shanghai & Suzhou
Aug 2012 Basic tax and accounting in China Shanghai
May 2012 Life sciences industry Shanghai
Mar 2012 Value-Added Tax Trial in Shanghai Shanghai
Update of general tax Shanghai
Jan 2012 Value-Added Tax Guangzhou, Shenzhen & Hong Kong
Dec 2011 Update of general tax Shanghai, Beijing
Fraud countermeasure in China Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou
Nov 2011 HKFRS seminar Hong Kong
Sep & Oct 2011 System of Chinese custom Shanghai
Effect of Individual Tax Revision Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen & Hong Kong
Aug 2011 Basic of Chinese Tax Shanghai
Jun 2011 Preparation for IFRS in Japan Shanghai, Hong Kong
Correspondence for earlier Group Reporting for Parent Company Shenzhen & Guangzhou
Correspondence for earlier Group Reporting for Subsidiary Guangzhou
Project of earlier closing in China Guangzhou
China GAAP and IFRS Guangzhou