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China Tax & Investment Express

As a supplement to our China Tax & Investment News, China Tax & Investment Express (CTIE) aims to bring to you real time information regarding the latest tax and business announcements issued by authorities at the central government level on a weekly basis. CTIE not only provides a synopsis of each announcement issued by the authorities, but it also includes a weblink that leads you to the full content of the announcement (in Chinese). We hope this publication can help you keep abreast of the latest developments in tax and business regulations in China.

Please feel free to contact your EY client service professionals for further assistance if you find the announcements have an impact on your business operations. For questions regarding CTIE, please contact us.

  • CTIE Issue No. 2015012 (pdf, 451.71 KB) – March 27, 2015
    Notice regarding Corporate Income Tax (CIT) issues related to fees paid to overseas related parties (SAT Announcement [2015] No. 16)
  • CTIE Issue No. 2015011 (pdf, 445 KB) – March 20, 2015
    Foreign Investment Industrial Guidance Catalogue (Revised in 2015) (NDRC/MOFCOM Order [2015] No. 22)
  • CTIE Issue No. 2015010 (pdf, 549 KB) – March 13, 2015
    Notice regarding the effectiveness and enforcement of the “Agreement between the Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Government of the French Republic (France) for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income” and its protocol (SAT Announcement [2015] No. 11)
  • CTIE Issue No. 2015009 (pdf, 366.36 KB) – March 6, 2015
    Notice regarding the first batch of the tax administrative penalty authority list (SAT Announcement [2015] No. 10)
  • CTIE Issue No. 2015008 (pdf, 218 kb) – February 27, 2015
    Notice regarding the issuance of the Statistics System of Foreign Investment (2015) (Shangzihan [2015] No. 35)
  • CTIE Issue No. 2015007 (pdf, 648 kb) – February 17, 2015
    Notice regarding strengthening the follow-up administration of the cancellation of administrative approval requirements for three Corporate Income Tax (CIT) related items (SAT Announcement [2015] No. 6)
  • CTIE Issue No. 2015006 (pdf, 294.40 kb) – February 13, 2015
    Notice regarding the pilot run of cross-border foreign exchange payments by payment institutions (Huifa [2015] No. 7)
  • CTIE Issue No. 2015005 (pdf, 1.4 mb) – February 6, 2015
    Notice regarding Corporate Income Tax (CIT) policies related to the deduction for loan loss provisions made by financial institutions (Caishui [2015] No. 9)
  • CTIE Issue No. 2015004 (pdf, 550 kb) – January 30, 2015
    Notice regarding the “Scheme on Gradually Expanding the Current Innovative Measures of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (SHPFTZ) on Tax Services to All Other Tax Authorities Nationwide” (Shuizonghan [2014] No. 545)
  • CTIE Issue No. 2015003 (pdf, 475 kb) – January 23, 2015
    Notice regarding the “Administrative Measures of Classification of Enterprises entitled to Export Tax Refund/Exemption” (SAT Announcement [2015] No. 2)
  • CTIE Issue No. 2015002 (pdf, 560 kb) – January 16, 2015
    Notice regarding the modification of the "Administrative Measures of Tax Registration" (SAT Order [2014] No. 36)
  • CTIE Issue No. 2015001 (pdf, 984 kb) – January 9, 2015
    Notice regarding the public opinion solicitation on the "Revised Draft of the Law of the People's Republic of China (PRC) on Tax Collection and Administration (Discussion Draft)"

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